NYSTCE Social Studies Practice Test (115)

The NYSTCE Social Studies exam is designed for those individuals wishing to become certified to teach Social Studies in the state of New York. The test consists of all material needed to teach a Social Studies class at the primary or middle school level.

NYSTCE Social Studies (005) Study Guide and Flashcards

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The NYSTCE Social Studies test is a Computer-Based Test (CBT.) There are testing locations available all over New York and nationwide. Testing opportunities are available year-round, Monday through Saturday.

Test takers must register to guarantee a seat and the testing fee is $134.

The time allowed to complete the NYSTCE Social Studies test is 3 hours, with 15 minutes added on to view a CBT tutorial video and nondisclosure agreement.

The NYSTCE Social Studies exam consists of 90 selected-response questions (multiple choice, matching and/or true-false) and 1 constructed-response question (fill in the blank, short answer and/or essay.) A score of 520 or higher is considered passing and scores are released approximately 3 weeks after testing date.

There are several study aids available to help you prepare to take the NYSTCE Social Studies Test! Some of them include information on the content and framework of the test, CBT tutorials, sample questions and answer explanations for both the selected-response questions and the constructed-response question and even information explaining test scores.

Does the NYSTCE Social Studies exam sound like it’s for you? Make sure to read all of the policies and procedures regarding this exam. Failure to follow all test-taking rules may result in your score being disqualified. Register today for NYSTCE Social Studies exam and impact the next generation!