OAE Early Childhood Education Exam

To qualify for an initial license to teach Early Childhood classes in Ohio, aspiring teachers must pass the Early Childhood (PK-3) (012) test.  The OAE (012) is a three-hour, computer-based exam with 150 multiple-choice questions over  classroom management, learning theories, instructional techniques, professional practices, and pedagogy.   

You can find further information about Ohio licensure requirements is available on the Educator Licensure page of the Ohio Department of Education website.  College students or recent graduates may also seek information from their faculty adviser or department chair.

OAE Early Childhood Education Study Guide and Flashcards

Get practice questions, detailed study lessons, and complex subjects broken down into easily understandable concepts.

Study Guide

How do I register for the Early Childhood Education (012) test?

Pearson Education schedules testing dates and locations for the state of Ohio. There is a $120 fee to take the Early Childhood (012) exam.  Before taking the exam, applicants should review policies for test takers, such as required identification, passing scores, prohibited materials, late arrivals, and cancellations.

To request additional testing time or other special accommodations, candidates should provide the documentation outlined on the Ohio Assessments for Educators website.

What kinds of questions make up the Early Childhood Education Exam (012)?

Most of the test questions are multiple-choice.  These 100 objective questions comprise 80% of the test score.  These test items are concerned with childhood development, the learning environment, instructional techniques, assessment, and the community beyond the classroom.

There are two constructed response (essay) prompts worth 20% of the points on the exam. One is a case study related to assessment; the other is a work product concerned with the professional environment of early childhood educators.  265

How will I learn my score?

The Ohio Assessments for Educators mails official scores to test takers. A passing score on the Early Childhood Education (012) exam is 220. 

The 012 test sounds like an exam over my entire education.  How can I prepare to master all the relevant material?

Repetition and practice are the keys to success on your OAE exam.  As you test yourself over likely questions on the Early Education 012 assessment, you will identify your strengths and focus your preparation to reinforce your weaker areas.  Mometrix study materials have helped hundreds of candidates to pass their licensure exams and walk with pride and confidence into their first Early Childhood classroom.

To succeed on the 012 test, many candidates must overcome test anxiety and learn to guess the best answer to tricky test questions.  These test takers work best with a printed or digital study guide that provides multiple practice exams and detailed explanations of the right answers.  Written by testing experts, the Mometrix OAE Secrets Study Guide is all that and more, a companion you can trust to help you study.  You may even find a few illustrations of teaching and learning techniques you can put to use in your own classroom.

I’m stretched for study time.  How can I memorize concepts, definitions, examples, and applications, to prepare for the OAE while I work and finish college? 

This is an easy question to answer.  Mometrix Flashcards are a fistful of test success.  The Flashcards fit easily in your hand or jacket pocket, so you can take them to school, work, medical appointments, or your child’s playground.  Each card asks a question about a concept.  On the flip side is the answer. The more frequently you move through a stack of five, ten, or twenty cards, the more indelibly the information will be recorded in your brain.  On test day, you will visualize the material on the cards and ace the exam.   

Use your Flashcards for individual or group study sessions.  The preparation goes by fast, but the learning stays with you.