PECT PreK-4 Practice Test

Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) are a series of timed, computerized exams designed to measure the content knowledge and teaching skills of candidates for certification. Prospective teachers for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 4 take the PECT PreK-4, a three-part exam over subject matter content and methods for teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and basic science to young students.

What does the PreK-4 test cover?

The PreK-4 PECT test includes a 15-minute test tutorial and three modules, all of which may be completed on one day, separated by short breaks after each test session, for a $131 fee. Examinees may also schedule test modules on separate days.

PECT PreK-4 Study Guide and Flashcards

Get practice questions, detailed study lessons, and complex subjects broken down into easily understandable concepts.

Study Guide

Candidates learn their preliminary test results at the test center as soon as they complete test modules. The testing site publishes the official score notification within 10 business days.

  • Module 1 covers child development, cognition and learning. The 36 selected response (multiple choice) questions range over such topics as scaffolding, stages in language acquisition, and object sorting, to be completed in one hour and 45 minutes. The fee for Module 1 alone is $46. The fee for Module 1 is $46. A score of 197 is passing.
  • Module 2 assesses the test taker’s knowledge of age-appropriate subject matter and pedagogy. Selected response questions range over the toys, games, supervised play, prewriting exercises, counting assignments, and arithmetic problems a teacher might select for children in the early grades. Module 2 includes 45 selected response items to be completed in 75 minutes. The fee to take Module 2 separately is $46. The cut-off score to pass Module 2 is 193.
  • Module 3 measures the candidate’s knowledge of teaching young children the scientific method, observation of nature, experimentation, and data collection. Module 3 consists of 45 multiple choice questions to be completed in 90 minutes for a fee of $53. The testing software contains a calculator for the examinee’s use. A passing score for Module 3 is 193.

Online PECT PreK-4 Prep Course

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How do I register for the PECT PreK-4?

The Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test (PECT) site online enables candidates for exams to register for exams year-round. PECT will also identify testing sites in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the USA and Canada and process registration fees.

How should I study for the PECT PreK-4?

There is no more important test for an aspiring educator than the certification exam, and there is no better way to study for the three PECT PreK-4 test modules than Mometrix test preparation products.

What kinds of study materials does Mometrix offer?

Take a look at Mometrix’s free PECT PECT PreK-4 Practice Test to sample the relaxed tone but content-intensive approach of Mometrix test preparation materials. The online Mometrix Academy offers a wide selection videos on educational topics and tests you may want to take as establish your career and expand your teaching interests.

For those who prefer to study with a book, the Mometrix PECT PreK-4 Secrets Study Guide is available in print or downloadable PDF format. The PreK-4 Secrets Study Guide contains practice tests to drill you over every module with all types of questions you might encounter on your certification test. Mometrix Study Guides also include useful tips for analyzing the language of objective test questions for hints on the right and wrong answers, as well as techniques for managing test anxiety and guidance on when to skip or take a guess at difficult questions.

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