Permit Practice Test

1.Which of the following Parallel Steps is not correct?
A: Signal
B: Stop parallel to the front car, approx. 3 feet from it
C: Back slowly
D: The front/rear bumper must be 2 feet from the other vehicles.
E: Use approximately a 45 degree angle from the street with backing up.

2. Lower headlights must be in use if within ___ feet of an approaching vehicle or ___ feet if following another vehicle.
A: 1000, 500
B: 2000, 400
C: 750, 300
D: 500, 200
E: 400,100

3. What percent of motorcycle/car accidents are the result of a car driver turning in front of a motorcyclist?
A: 25%
B: 33%
C: 66%
D: 75%
E: 90%

4. Pedestrians have the right of way in which of the following situations?
A: Walking within a marked crosswalk.
B: When crossing an intersection with a green traffic signal.
C: Over a vehicle making a right turn on red.
D: A&C
E: A, B, & C

5. Which of the following is correct?
A: Blind or partially blind pedestrians have the right of way.
B: Pedestrians should always walk against the flow of traffic.
C: Motorcyles are allowed the full width of a lane in which to maneuver.
D: A, B, & C
E: A & C

6. When it is against the law to pass another vehicle?
A: Within 200 feet of a bridge
B: The solid yellow line in your lane
C: Within 100 feet of an intersection
D: A, B, & C
E: B & C

7. Passing a vehicle should be completed before coming within ___ feet of any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.
A: 50 feet
B: 75 feet
C: 100 feet
D: 150 feet
E: 200 feet

8. You cannot pass a bus unless it is in an loading/unloading zone completely off the road or the road is divided by the following:
A: Ditch
B: Grassy Median
C: Elevated Concrete Barrier
D: Only B & C
E: All of the above

9. When approaching and turning through an intersection, which of the following are correct statements?
A: Finish the turn in the proper lane
B: You may use the left arm with signaling
C: Must get into the proper lane 150 feet before making the turn
D: A & B
E: A & C

10. It is legal to do the following:
A: Signal another vehicle to pass you with a turn signal
B: Turn around on a hill where your vehicle cannot be seen by other drivers approaching from either direction within 400 feet
C: Position the left arm straight for a left turn
D: A & B
E: All of the above

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