Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245) Practice Test

Chemistry is taught in thousands of United States high schools, and qualifies as one of the more complex sciences today’s students will have to learn to graduate. Naturally, chemistry teachers will have to prove themselves as being ready to instruct others in this subject. This is where the Praxis II, a standardized test meant to evaluate the preparedness of today’s teachers, comes in. Without passing this exam, you won’t be able to progress in your teaching career.

Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245) Practice Test

Like you, we recognize the full importance of this exam, and want to help you prepare as thoroughly as possible. To do so, we present to you our Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge #5245 practice test. Through careful research, we’ve rendered this practice test as accurate as possible so you obtain a full glimpse of what the real exam will be like.

As such, Praxis II chemistry practice questions for the Chemistry subtest will cover the following topics: Scientific Procedures and Techniques; Basic Principles of Matter and Energy, Thermodynamics; Scientific Inquiry and Social Perspectives of Science; Atomic and Nuclear Structure; Solutions and Solubility, Acid-Base Chemistry; Chemical Reactions, Periodicity; and Nomenclature, Chemical Composition, and Bonding and Structure.

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by Enoch Morrison | Last Updated: January 9, 2019