Praxis Education Leadership Adminisrtation and Supervision (5411) Practice Test

The Praxis Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision Exam is designed to measure a candidate’s core competencies in the field of education leadership. It’s required in many states for those who are seeking an administrative career such as principals, directors, and administrators. The test covers a range of knowledge and skills essential to success in these careers.

How Much Does the Praxis Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision Exam Cost?

The exam fee for this test is $120 and you will need to pay it at the time of registration. If you register by phone instead of online, you will have to pay an additional $40 service charge. If you require additional score reports beyond the ones included in the original fee, you’ll have to pay $50 per additional report.

If you don’t pass and need to attempt the exam again, you have to pay the full exam fee again. Avoid this extra cost by scheduling an appointment that leaves you at least a few weeks to review all of the relevant material and prepare yourself so that you are confident you can ace the test on your first try.

How Long Does the Test Take?

You will have two hours for the exam itself but you should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment to check in. You should also plan for about 10 t0 15 minutes after the test to raise any questions or concerns you might have about the exam. For example, if there were any disturbances or issues that you feel might have affected your performance, you need to report these to the test administrator before you leave the testing center. Your claim won’t be taken into consideration if you wait to report these issues.

The two hours for the exam itself does not include any scheduled breaks. You will be allowed to take a break if needed but this will cut into the time you have for the exam. Since the time limits already leaves you with only about one minute per question, it’s better to avoid breaks unless it’s an emergency. You can avoid the need for a break by making sure you eat a nourishing (but not enormous) breakfast and avoid drinking any beverages in the hour before the test.

What Subjects Are On This Test?

The 110 multiple choice questions included on this test will cover six different content areas. Take a look at the short outline below to get a sense of what you will be expected to know:

  • Vision and Goals – 21 questions
    • Teaching and learning vision and goals
    • Shared commitments for implementation
    • Maintaining continuous improvement
  • Teaching and Learning – 28 questions
    • Building a professional culture
    • Rigorous curriculum and instruction
    • Assessment and accountability
  • Managing Organizational Systems and Safety – 15 questions
    • Managing operational systems
    • Aligning and obtaining fiscal and human resources
    • Protecting the welfare and safety of students and staff
  • Collaborating with Key Stakeholders – 14 questions
    • Collaborate with families and other community members
    • Community interests and needs
    • Maximizing community resources
  • Ethics and Integrity – 18 questions
    • Ethical and legal behavior
    • Personal values and beliefs
    • High standards for self and others
  • The Education System – 14 questions
    • Professional influence
    • Managing local decisions within the larger educational policy environment

How Do I Know If I Passed?

You will see your results immediately after finishing the exam. Each state that requires this exam sets its own minimum passing score. You need to check with the licensing and certification board in the state where you plan to teach to find out what score you need to aim for on this test. If you move to another state, your score will transfer so, as long as your score meets the minimum standards in that new state, you won’t need to retake the exam.

How Much Time Should I Spend Studying for the Praxis Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision Exam?

This is a content driven exam that will measure your understanding of material and standards that you will have learned in your education and training. Even though you have already encountered most of this material, it is still a large and broad sweeping range of knowledge and skills so it is worth spending two or three weeks refreshing your memory and sharpening your skills.

To do that, use the Mometrix Study Guide and Mometrix Flashcards. These tools provide you with a great way to review all the standards, procedures, and information that you need to have fresh in your memory on test day. They also come with practice questions, studying strategies and test taking approaches that will prepare you to perform your absolute best.

Praxis Educational Leadership Practice Test

Praxis Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision (Practice Questions)