Praxis Fundemental Subjects: Content Knowledge Practice Test

Who takes the Praxis Fundamental Subjects/Content Knowledge (5511) exam?

States vary in their credentialing and hiring standards for alternative learning teachers.  Many states require their special education instructors to take the Praxis Fundamental Subjects exam to demonstrate their knowledge in four core K-12 subject areas: language arts, mathematics, and the social and natural sciences.

Does my state require the Fundamental Subjects/Content Knowledge (5511) exam?

If you are a college student or recent graduate, check first with your college’s education department.  Your adviser can assist you.  Then consult your state’s department of education for detailed information on licensure and hiring guidelines. Individual states and school systems determine the score you need to pass the Praxis (5511) test.  To find the scores needed for your area, visit the ETS website.

Where do I sign up to take the 5511?

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) website invites you to register for the test, pay the $120 testing fee, and reserve a testing date and location. 

May I request special accommodations to take the 5511?

Yes.  Just supply documentation to ETS to support your need for extended testing time or breaks or enhanced magnification or visual presentation on the computer screen.  

What will I need at the testing site?

Bring the admission ticket you obtain when you register on the ETS website, as well as a photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, state or province ID, a national ID, or a military ID.  Do not bring personal items to the testing location. 

What sort of test is the Praxis 5511?

The Fundamental Subjects/Content Knowledge (5511) is a computer-delivered exam.  Test takers have two hours (120 minutes) to complete 120 select-response questions. 

The Praxis 5511 covers four content areas, each with about 30 questions for 25% of the total points:

  • The English Language Arts section of the 5511 focuses on literature in historical context and figurative language. The test taker should demonstrate a basic understanding of literary analysis involving plot, characters, point of view, theme and setting.  Other questions assess reading, writing and revision strategies, and critical thinking skills.
  • Mathematics for K-3 teachers assesses numerical, geometric, algebraic, measurement, and statistical skills. Test takers must select and apply basic mathematical concepts to word problems about such topics such as personal finances and weather data.
  • Citizenship and Social Sciences evaluates the K-3 teacher’s understanding of history as a process of change and continuity. Questions involve cause-and-effect and chronological thinking, the use of maps, graphs, and historical documents and artifacts.  Test takers demonstrate an appreciation of varying points of view, contributions of specific groups and individuals, geographic regions, economic conditions, and the role of governmental institutions. 
  • Science reviews the history and methods of science, including data collection and problem-solving, and the role science and technology play in shaping world culture. Questions range over broad areas of scientific inquiry, such as physics, energy principles, ecosystems, population trends, earth and space science.

When will I know my test score?

Within 16 days of your Praxis exam, ETS will report your official score on the Praxis Scores Overview page

How should I study for the Praxis 5511 exam?

Alternative and special education teachers need warm hearts, but they also must possess solid knowledge to prepare their students for a fulfilling, independent life.  The first move aspiring teachers should make in preparing for the Praxis Fundamental Subjects/Content Knowledge exam is to take our free, online pre-test from the Mometrix Academy.  Don’t be surprised if the pretest shows that you need focused study to pass your Praxis 5511.

I’m not the best test taker.  How will Mometrix help me pass the Praxis Fundamental Subjects/Content Knowledge exam?

With four separate content areas to review, test takers need a study plan based on the actual Praxis 5511 exam.  Nothing tops the Mometrix Praxis Secrets Study Guide with its insights into how the questions on the Praxis test are worded.  Testing experts wrote the Mometrix Secrets Study Guide, and they offer multiple practice exams as well as useful advice on making intelligent guesses and coping with test anxiety.  The guide is available as printed text and as a downloadable e-book.

I need help recalling concepts and relating terminology to test questions.  What does Mometrix offer me?

Mometrix has a deck of cards with a winning hand for test takers. 

Mometrix Flashcards fit into your shirt pocket and your busy schedule.  Terms and concepts appear on one side of a card, and their definition or application appears on the other.  You can study anywhere and anytime, transforming study time into a game. You won’t struggle to remember what you learn with Mometrix Flashcards, a technique you can use someday with the students in your own classroom.

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