Praxis Middle Grade Science (5440) Practice Test

A college degree does not confer a license to teach in America’s public schools.  In most states, those at or near degree completion who aspire to teach middle school science classes must pass the Praxis 5440 exam.  Developed by the Educational Testing Service, Praxis tests assess the subject matter knowledge and teaching skills of candidates as a final step in obtaining certification. 

What does the Praxis cover?

The Praxis Middle School Science Exam is a 125-item, multiple choice test over six content areas: Scientific Inquiry, Methods, and History with 15 questions; Basic Principles of Matter and Energy with 15 questions; Physical Sciences with 30 questions; Life Sciences with 30 questions; Earth and Space Sciences with 22 questions; and Science, Technology and Society with 15 questions.  The exact number and distribution of questions may vary slightly.

How is the Praxis scored?

Test takers are allowed 2 ½ hours to complete Praxis 5440.  The highest score possible is 200 points with typical scores ranging from 146 to 171.  Passing scores are determined by the state where a prospective teacher hopes to be employed.  Test scores are transferable to other states, so long as the minimum requirement for the new state is met.  Those who score below the state’s minimum may retake the exam.

Test scores are released as soon as the Praxis is completed.  The official test report follows in two to three weeks. 

How do I register for the Praxis?

Typically, test takers have completed or will soon finish their coursework for a Bachelor’s degree.  The Educational Testing Service (ETS) posts information online about registration for the Praxis.  Each state determines a candidate’s eligibility and issues an authorization to ETS for the prospective teacher to schedule the Middle School Science exam.

Once authorization is granted, a candidate may pay the $120 fee to ETS and schedule a time and place for testing after considering the amount of study time he or she may need to prepare for success on the Praxis.

How is the Praxis administered?

ETS exams are delivered by computer through a network of Prometrix test centers. The only item test takers should bring is a government-issued ID. The name on the ID must match the name on the test registration.  No calculators or other aids should be brought to the test site.  The periodic table of elements and other reference information for the exam will be included in the test information.

How should I prepare for the Praxis 5440 exam?

Middle schools expect science teachers to possess a breadth of knowledge to provide students with a foundation for future studies and informed citizenship.  An excellent way for a future teacher to begin prepping for the Praxis is to take a pre-test at the Mometrix Academy online.

How will Mometrix help me to pass the Praxis Science test?

Of the six content areas on the Praxis 5440 exam, which topics does the candidate know best, and which need additional study?  Mometrix saves the candidate worry and time with two resources to focus 5440 study.  The Praxis Exam Secrets Study Guide is a book in print or downloadable form with a lifetime of test taking advice from career educators.

The Secrets Study Guide reviews core concepts from the life and physical sciences and trains the test taker to analyze test questions and earn high points on these important content areas.

Another secret weapon in the Mometrix study arsenal is the Mometrix Flashcards, a deck of insights into the concepts that guide scientific knowledge and experimentation. The Flashcards can travel with the test taker to the dentist’s office or the beach, transforming the process of repetition and review into a study game.

Praxis Middle School Science (5440) Study Guide and Flashcards

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