Praxis Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Practice Test

Physical education is a crucial component of any education curriculum. Strong bodies are just as important as strong minds. That’s why educators who want to teach physical education take the Praxis Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Exam.

How many questions are on the test?

There are 90 selected-response and two constructed-response questions on the Praxis Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Exam.

What is the exam’s passing score?

Passing scores are determined by states. However, the selected-response questions account for 75 percent of the test scores, and the constructed-response questions account for the remaining 25 percent.

How much time will candidates have to finish the exam?

Candidates have two hours to finish the test. Candidates should plan to spend 90 minutes on the selected-response questions and 30 minutes on the constructed-response questions.

Is there a fee to take the test?

Yes. Candidates pay a $146 fee to take the exam.

What’s on the Praxis Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Exam?

The exam has five main content areas.

  1. Content Knowledge and Student Growth and Development is the largest test category. With 27 questions, this portion accounts for 23 percent of the test content. Candidates can expect questions on anatomy and physiology; motor development and learning; motor skills; movement patterns and concepts; and meeting student needs for professional support services.
  2. Management, Motivation, and Communication contains 23 questions. This section will assess the ability to motivate students (inside and outside of school) to participate in physical activities; encouraging positive behaviors; promoting responsible behaviors; verbal and non-verbal communication skills; and the ability to teach in several different ways, including via bulletin boards, music, and technology.
  3. Planning, Instruction, and Student Assessment also contains 23 questions. The section includes enhancing skill development as the result of feedback; activities to improve health-related and skill-related fitness; the ability to identify, develop and implement various program and instructional objectives; designing learning experiences by using resources and teaching materials; and understanding safety and injury issues, like first aid and CPR.
  4. Collaboration, Reflection, and Technology contains 17 questions. This section assesses the educator’s ability to establish relationships to support student growth; using technology to design, develop, and implement student learning activities; and promoting physical activity opportunities.
  5. Instructional Design contains the two constructed-response questions. The first is on fitness instruction. Candidates will be assessed on their ability to improve health-related and skill-related fitness levels; understand different fitness types, and modify activities for special populations. The second question, on skill instruction, will focus on improving learning in physical education activities and improving skill development.

I need to take this test. Where can I take it?

The Praxis tests are delivered by a private company with test centers throughout the United States.  Check the website for the location nearest to you.

When will I receive my test results?

That depends on the state in which you take the test since each state has different policies on releasing test data.

Will I need to show identification on test day?

Yes. Candidates must show a piece of government-issued identification, like a driver’s license. Candidates should also bring their test admission ticket.

Should I arrive at the test center early to take the Praxis Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Exam?

Yes. Please arrive at the test center about 30 minutes before your test time. Anyone who arrives late may not be able to take the exam.

Can I bring personal items into the test room?

No. All personal items are prohibited from the test room, and that includes mobile phones, certain clothing items, and the like.

What study materials can help me prepare for the exam?

Mometrix has an outstanding study guide that contains tips on how to prepare for this test and understand the clues in questions that can lead to the right answers. Our flashcards cover all the major portions of the test and are written in a way that’s easy to understand. These are excellent study tools to help conquer the Praxis Physical Education: Content and Design (5095) Exam.

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