Praxis Reading Specialist (5301) Practice Test

The Praxis exams are a series of standardized tests written and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to evaluate participants’ skills and knowledge for various teaching positions. Praxis scores are often used as qualifications for hired educator positions.

The Praxis Reading Specialist test is designed specifically for those who already have advanced academic training as a reading specialist and are being considered for a supervisory or instructional position to teach reading to students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. It is also appropriate for those who are looking for careers as reading clinicians, consultants, coordinators, specialists or resource personnel.

Participants in the exam typically have a master’s degree or equivalent training in the field and anticipate highly specialized responsibilities around reading instruction.

 Study Guide

How Should I Register to Take this Reading Specialist Test from Praxis?

All Praxis exams are administered via computer. To register for the Praxis Reading Specialist test, prospective participants should visit the ETS website. After creating a Praxis account, they can select the testing location, date and time that is most convenient for them. They will be charged a fee, which can be paid via credit/debit card or via PayPal.

They will then be able to print an admission ticket to bring with them to the test center.

What Items Do I Need to Bring With Me for Praxis’ Reading Specialist Test? What Items Are Prohibited?

Participants in the Praxis Reading Specialist test must bring with them a piece of photo identification that bears their name and signature.

They are forbidden from bringing their own pencils or erasers, phones, watches, jewelry except for wedding and engagement rings, clothing accessories or printed or handwritten materials.

The Praxis Reading Specialist test does not permit the use of a calculator.

What Content Do I Need to Be Familiar With to Get a Passing Score on the Reading Specialist Test via Praxis?


In order to obtain a passing score on the Praxis Reading Specialist test, participants should be familiar with a broad range of reading instruction knowledge.

The exam is made up of five main content areas, each of which consists of different subtopics and make up a different percentage of the full test. The first three sections are comprised of selected-response questions and the final two sections are comprised of constructed-response questions. Participants are given two hours total for the exam and generally allocate 80 minutes for the first three sections and 40 minutes for the final two sections. The specific content breakdown is as follows:

  • Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching (about 20 questions and 20 percent of total exam)
    • Characteristics and uses of assessment and screening measures to evaluate student language and reading proficiency
    • Assessment data for planning reading instruction
  • Reading and Writing Development (about 45 questions and 45 percent of total exam)
    • Oral language and oral communication skills
    • Phonological awareness and phonemic awareness
    • Promoting students’ understanding of print and basic phonetic principles
    • Systemic, explicit phonics instruction
    • Word analysis skills and development of vocabulary
    • Reading fluency and comprehension
    • Reading comprehension strategies for poetry and fiction
    • Reading comprehension strategies for nonfiction
    • Writing processes and skills
    • Promoting students’ knowledge of spelling, usage and other writing mechanics
    • Reading and writing as tools for inquiry and research
  • Leadership Skills and Specialized Knowledge (about 15 questions and 15 percent of total exam)
    • Knowledge and skills necessary for reading specialists
    • Leadership roles for reading specialists in supervising reading programs and promoting staff development
    • Communicating and collaborating with members of the educational community to address reading program goals
  • Professional Learning and Leadership (one question and 10 percent of total exam)
  • Analysis of Individual Student Case Study (one question and 10 percent of total exam)

How Should I Study for the Praxis Reading Specialist Test?

Success on the Praxis Reading Specialist test requires a true blend of detailed content knowledge for selected-response questions and a broad understanding of concepts for constructed-response questions. To gain the type of knowledge that is demonstrable on selected-response questions, prospective participants should spend their study time drilling with a set of flashcards. To appropriately answer constructed-response questions, they should familiarize themselves with the base concepts through a study guide.

Mometrix Test Preparation provides both the necessary set of study flashcards to prepare for success on selected-response questions and a study guide to prepare for success on the constructed-response sections.