Praxis II Reading Specialist (5301) Practice Test

There’s no skill more important than literacy, yet unfortunately there still remains a small percentage of the American population that struggles with reading. As a reading specialist, it will be your job to help close this gap, whether you’re working with children or adults. Before you can get started in this important career, however, you have to first earn a passing score on the Praxis II Reading Specialist exam.

Praxis II Reading Specialist (5301) Practice Test

Mometrix Test Preparation specializes in study resources designed to help you conquer any exam.

Our Praxis II Reading Specialist #5301 practice test is no exception.

On this mock test, you will find content very similar in format to what will appear on the full exam, including Praxis II reading specialist practice questions featuring such knowledge categories as:

  • Analysis of Individual Student Case Study
  • Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching
  • Professional Learning and Leadership
  • Leadership Skills and Specialized Knowledge of Pedagogical Principles and Instructional Practices
  • Reading and Writing Development

You can use this Praxis II reading specialist practice test either standalone or alongside our Praxis II Reading Specialist study guide.

Praxis Reading Specialist Practice Questions

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by Enoch Morrison | Last Updated: January 9, 2019