Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Practice Test

Speech-language pathologists play an important role in the early development of children with certain language and swallowing disorders. These professionals work with children to assess the causes of their disorder and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Who should take the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Exam?

Candidates who have completed or are in a master’s program generally take this exam.

How important is it that I take this exam?

This is a very important exam for professionals interested in speech pathology. The exam is used by several agencies to help determine competency and licensure.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires candidates to take the exam in order to receive its Certificate of Clinical Competence.  State boards and agencies that license speech-language pathologists also require the test.

What is the fee to take the test?

Candidates pay a $120 exam fee.

How many questions are the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Exam?

There are 132 selected-response questions on this computer-based exam. Some of the questions may be unscored.

How long do test-takers have to finish the test?

Candidates have 150 minutes to finish the exam.

What are the test categories?

The exam tests candidate’s knowledge in three specific categories, as outlined below. Each category of the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Exam contains roughly one-third of the test questions.

  • Foundations and Professional Practice tests knowledge of lifespan and its development and performance; communication, feeding and swallowing and the factors that influence them; common communication and swallowing disorders epidemiology and characteristics; professional practice, including wellness and prevention; service delivery that is culturally and linguistically appropriate; advocacy (legislation and client); documentation; and ethics.
  • Screening, Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnosis examines communication, feeding and swallowing disorders; case development history; appropriate selection of assessment instruments, procedures and materials; communication and swallowing disorders; anatomy and physiology assessment; speech (voice, resonance and motor); language (receptive and expressive); communication (augmentative and alternative); etiology, including genetic, developmental, neurological, and psychogenic; and auditory problems.
  • Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Treatment contains topics that include treatment and the factors that can impact treatment; prognosis generation; treatment principals and procedures; treatment prioritization and goal development; post-treatment referrals and recommendation follow-up; treatment, including speech sound production, swallowing and feeding, cognition; and voice, resonance, and motor speech.

How can I find a test center?

Check the Praxis website. A third-party vendor delivers the exam at test centers throughout the United States. One should be convenient for you since there are hundreds available.

When will the results of the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Exam be available?

That depends on the test. Some results won’t be available until 10 to 16 days after the exam’s completion or after the testing window closes. Some results are available as soon as the test is over.

What is the test passing score?

Passing scores are set by the state or institution that requires the exam, so it’s best to check with your local agency.

Will I need identification on test day?

Yes. You’ll need to bring your admission ticket and show a piece of valid, unexpired government-issued identification, like a driver’s license.

Should I get to the test center early?

Absolutely. Anyone who arrives late may be denied a chance to take the test and would lose all test fees that have already been paid. It’s best to get to the test center at least 30 minutes before the exam’s starts time.   

Can I bring my mobile phone into the testing room?

No. Candidates are not allowed to bring any electronic devices into the testing room. Candidates are also prohibited from bringing in certain clothing items.

What study tools will best help me prepare?

Mometrix has an outstanding array of study tools. These tools were developed my test professionals with a background in helping candidates prepare for exams like the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) Exam. Our study guide contains an excellent study plan that contains tips on how to tackle the test’s most difficult questions. Our flashcards not only provide easy-to-understand answers, but they have the added benefit of being portable. Take the sturdy flashcards anywhere you go. These study materials can help you prepare for this challenging test.

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