Praxis Teaching Reading (5206) Practice Test

The Praxis Teaching Reading: K-12 (5206) exam is an evaluation used to assess your relevant knowledge and understanding of the five necessary components of operative reading instruction as identified by the National Reading Panel. These areas include phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. The Praxis Teaching Reading exam serves a dual purpose: providing a standards-relevant assessment for prospective entry-level reading teachers and providing a means for existing teachers to add a reading endorsement to their active teaching licenses.

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Study Guide

How do I sign up to take the Praxis Teaching Reading: K-12 exam?

First, make sure to verify your eligibility criteria with the state in which you intend to teach, because each state has its own requirements to sit for the Praxis.  Registration for the Praxis Teaching Reading exam is a simple online process. Immediately after online registration, you will receive your test admission ticket, which you will bring with you, along with your photo ID, on your testing date. Should you need to do so, you can register by phone for an additional $35 fee; or, you can register by mail by submitting a registration voucher directly to ETS. Visit the ETS website for testing center locations and available testing windows in your area.

What fees are associated with the Praxis Teaching Reading exam?

The Praxis Teaching Reading: K-12 (5206) exam costs $156 at registration. If you need to change your scheduled testing location, you will have to pay an additional $40 fee. Additional score reports will cost you $50 each after your initial score report.  


What does the Praxis Teaching Reading exam cover?

The Praxis Teaching Reading: K-12 exam is a computer-delivered exam consisting of 90 selected-response (multiple-choice) questions and 3 constructed-response (written) questions. You will be given 2.5 hours to complete the entirety of the exam. In terms of what you need to pass the Praxis Teaching Reading exam, passing scores are determined by individual educational institutions and states. Visit your state’s department of education website, along with the ETS state information website, for specific passing score criteria. If you take the exam in a state that allows automatic score reporting, you will receive your initial score immediately after you finish the exam. 

The Praxis Teaching Reading: K-12 exam consists of six specific content categories covering relevant standards and topics. The following outline provides the content categories, number of questions per category, and approximate weighted percentages per category:

  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness; approximately 13 selected-response questions, weighted at 11%
  • Phonics and Decoding; approx. 16 selected-response questions, weighted at 14%
  • Vocabulary and Fluency; approx. 20 selected-response questions, weighted at 16%
  • Comprehension of Literary and Informational Text; approx. 27 selected-response questions, weighted at 23%
  • Writing; approx. 14 selected-response questions, weighted at 11%
  • Assessment and Instructional Decision-making; 3 constructed-response questions, weighted at 25%

Test Preparation

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