Praxis Technology Education (5051) Practice Test

The Praxis Technology Education exam is a required part of the certification process for candidates seeking to become a middle or high school teacher. It covers a range of relevant knowledge and capabilities necessary to effectively teach students a technology curriculum.

Where Can I Take the Praxis Technology Education Exam?

The exam is offered at wide variety of testing centers located all across the United States and its territories. Moreover, the exam is offered during four separate two-week windows during the year. So, you have some flexibility with your appointment, but you should register as early as possible to make sure you can get an appointment in your desired testing window.

Because the test has been standardized across states, you can take it anywhere you like, and your scores will be transferable to whichever state you move to. So, when registering for the exam, just choose a time and location that are most convenient to you. But do make sure that you prepare yourself to meet the minimum requirements of the state where you plan to teach.

How Long Will I Have to Complete the Exam?

You will have two hours to complete the exam which works out to about one minute per question. The actual amount of time per question will likely be a little less than one minute since there may be additional, unscored questions included on the exam.

That means speed and accuracy are going to be very important. You need to be able to choose the correct response quickly and confidently. If you find yourself stuck or unsure, leave the question unanswered and come back to it at the end. This will allow you to move as quickly as you can through all the questions that you feel more confident and leave yourself a little extra time at the end to focus on the tough ones without panicking.

With that in mind, you should also make sure you develop some great test taking strategies to help you tackle the really tough questions that just don’t make sense no matter how many times you reread it.

What Will I Be Tested on During the Praxis Technology Education Exam?

There will be 120 multiple choice questions on the exam along with a few extra unscored questions, so the exact amount varies but your score will always only be based on 120 questions. The questions will be split up into six content categories as follows:

  • Technology and Society – 18 scored questions
  • Technological Design and Problem Solving – 24 scored questions
  • Energy, Power, and Transportation – 18 scored questions
  • Information and Communication Technologies – 18 scored questions
  • Manufacturing and Construction Technologies – 18 scored questions
  • Pedagogical and Professional Studies – 24 scored questions

What Is the Minimum Score Needed to Pass?

The Praxis suite of exams, including the Technology Education exam, are used in most states across the US. Even so, there is no nationwide minimum score. Each state sets their own standards. So, you will need to consult the certifying board in the state where you plan to teach to find out what your target score should be.

If you are not yet sure which state you will be teaching in, find out which of the states you are considering has the highest minimum requirements. Set that as your target to ensure you will be able to meet certification requirements no matter where you end up.

How Should I Prepare for the Praxis Technology Education Exam?

Even if you feel confident in your knowledge and skills regarding technology education, you’ll still want to spend about two to three weeks preparing for the exam. This is as much about reviewing all the material as it is about familiarizing yourself with the test and developing a foolproof test taking strategy.

You can do all of that with the Mometrix Study Guide and Mometrix Flashcards. These tools have been meticulously crafted by a team of experts to include all the important material that you need to know on test day. Then, the flashcards provide a convenient, portable way to review that material on the go or with your study buddies.

Finally, both the flashcards and the study guide include proven strategies for taking tests that will help you perform your very best. You’ll learn how to avoid falling for common traps, decipher questions with tricky wording, narrow down your choices when you just don’t have a clue what the correct answer is, and much more. After spending a few weeks with these study aids, you’ll be ready to pass this exam with flying colors!

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