TExES Business and Finance 6-12 (276) Practice Test

If you have a passion for teaching business and finance, you need to make sure have the skills and knowledge to teach those courses.

How many questions are on the TExES Business and Finance exam?

There are 100 questions covering business and finance information taught in grades 6 through 12. The test may contain questions that aren’t scored.

Is there a fee to take the test?

Yes. The test fee is $131.

What content areas are covered in the test?

There are five content areas, called domains, on the test. Each content area tests in several categories.

  1. Finance
    1. Tests knowledge of money matters, such as comparing and contrasting investment strategies
    2. Banking and financial services, including how to utilize banking information systems
    3. Securities and investments, which includes selecting client investments and calculating asset values
    4. Insurance operation, which includes techniques to identify fraud
    5. Basic and advanced accounting by showcasing critical thinking skills independently and in teams
    6. Financial analysis to solve problems
    7. Probability calculations to forecast outcomes and manage risk, including strategies to explore a career in risk management
  2. Business Management
    1. Tests knowledge of business ownership and entrepreneurial skills and procedures, which includes managing activities to ensure purchasing and quality control efficiency
    2. Principals of management in the business environment, including understanding the role of management
    3. Human relations and resource management
  3. Ethics, Law, Business Communication and International Business
    1. Tests knowledge of ethical issues and social responsibility in business and personal behavior, including analyzing ethical consideration in business
    2. Business law
    3. International business
    4. Effective communication, including using technologies to produce business documents
  4. Technology and Information Systems
    1. Tests effective use of computer systems
    2. Information technology, which includes understanding terms and concepts
    3. information management systems and information technology applications, which includes the role of e-commerce
    4. Confidentiality, security and data integrity as they relate to computer technology, includes ethical and legal issues related to confidentiality
  5. Leadership and Career Development:
    1. Examines career development and leadership opportunities, including employment law and regulation
    2. Interpersonal and relationship skills in a business environment, including selecting and training employees
    3. Leadership and community service

What time should I arrive at the testing center to take the TExES Business and Finance exam?

Please make sure to get to the testing center early, before your assigned test time. If you show up alate, you won’t be allowed to take the test and you’ll forfeit your test fees.

What should I bring on exam day?

Bring your test admission ticket, and a government ID, like a driver’s license or a passport. 

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TExES Business and Finance 6-12 (276) Study Guide and Flashcards

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