TExES Educational Diagnostician (153) Practice Test

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) Educational Diagnostician exam is used to evaluate your required knowledge, skills, and abilities as an entry-level educator in the Texas public school system.

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Educators in the State of Texas must adhere to stringent educational standards in order to ensure a high-quality education for students all over Texas. The TExES tests were designed to permit the standardized assessment of these exacting standards in all teaching candidates.

Educational diagnosticians provide an important role in Texas public schools by providing diagnoses and attendant plans aimed at improving students’ behavior and/or psychoeducational progress in grades EC-12. Educational diagnosticians in the State of Texas generally hold relevant master’s degrees awarded by accredited educational organizations recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

As a helpful note: in addition to meeting other eligibility requirements for educators in the State of Texas, you may require authorization from your teacher preparation education program prior to taking the TExES Educational Diagnostician exam. Make sure to check with your teacher preparation education program before registering to take any TExES test.  

How much does the TExES Educational Diagnostician exam cost?

The TExES Educational Diagnostician exam costs $116, payable by credit or debit card during online registration. Your exam registration will remain valid for up to 170 days from your date of registration. You will not receive a refund of any kind if you let your registration lapse, so make sure to plan ahead. To cancel your scheduled test for any reason, you must do so at least 48 hours in advance of your test date. Additionally, you will need to submit a withdrawal request in order to receive a refund, less a $25 fee.  

What is the passing score for the TExES Educational Diagnostician exam?  

The passing score for the TExES Educational Diagnostician exam is 240. You will receive your official score report within 7 days of completing the exam. The date by which you receive your official score report is determined by the date on which you take the exam. Check the TExES website for specific details regarding score reporting dates. Should you need to do so, you must wait at least 45 days before retaking the exam.

What does the TExES Educational Diagnostician exam cover?

The TExES Educational Diagnostician exam is a computer-administered test (CAT) consisting of 100 selected-response (multiple-choice) questions. Of the 100 selected-response questions, some may be unscored pilot test questions. You will not be able to differentiate between scored and unscored questions, so be sure to answer each question to the best of your ability. You will be given 5 hours to complete the entirety of the exam, including 15 minutes for a CAT tutorial, and 4 hours and 45 minutes for the test.  

In terms of content, the TExES Educational Diagnostician exam consists of four weighted content domains. Each domain is based on relevant Texas State educational standards. The following outline provides the content domains, educational standards, and approximate weighted percentages per domain:

  • Domain I: Students with disabilities; Standards V, VII; approximately 22%
    • Covering: eligibility criteria for students with disabilities, procedures for identifying needs for students with disabilities, knowledge of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity, and related concepts
  • Domain II: Assessment and evaluation; Standards IV, VI; approx. 33%
    • Covering: knowledge of student evaluation and assessment, program planning, selection, administration, and interpretation of formal and informal assessments, and related concepts
  • Domain III: Curriculum and instruction; Standards IX-X; approx. 22%
    • Covering: students’ behavioral and social interactions, appropriate assessment, planning and instructional strategies for students with disabilities, and related concepts
  • Domain IV: Foundations and professional roles and responsibilities; Standards I-III, VIII; approx. 22%
    • Covering: knowledge of legal foundations and philosophy of special education, knowledge of ethical and professional practices, roles and responsibilities, time management, organization, and related concepts

Test Preparation

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