The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB-E)

The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB-E) is an exam used by the United States Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy for the selection of candidates for flight officer and pilot training programs. Because the exam consists of a battery of subtests, portions of the exam are also used by the U.S. Navy to determine the selection of candidates for Officer Candidate School (OCS). If you are seeking admittance to officer programs that fall within this purview, then the ASTB-E is the exam for you. If you are seeking admittance to non-officer programs, you may still need to sit for the Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) subtests (mathematics, reading comprehension, and mechanical comprehension). Check with your commanding officer or recruiter to see if the ASTB-E is the right exam for you.  

ASTB-E Study Guide

What is a passing score for the ASTB-E?

Different components of the ASTB-E have different scoring requirements. The Academic Qualifications Rating (AQR) predicts Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (API) academic performance, and its score range is 1 to 9 stanines. The Pilot Flight Aptitude Rating (PFAR) predicts Student Naval Aviators’ (SNAs) primary flight performance, and its score range is 1 to 9 stanines. The Flight Officer Aptitude Rating (FOFAR) predicts Student Naval Flight Officers’ (SNFOs) primary flight performance, and its score range is 1 to 9 stanines. Finally, the Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) predicts Naval Officer Candidate School (OCS) academic performance, and its score range is 20 to 80 in single point increments. Many students take all four components of the exam and will receive four different scores.

If you do not receive qualifying scores on the ASTB-E, you can retake the exam; however, you can only retake the test 3 times in your lifetime. Additionally, you will need to wait at least 30 days before retaking the ASTB-E. Importantly, if you initially sat for the entire battery of subtests, you will need to retake the entire battery, even if you do well on one or more components.

What does the ASTB-E cover?

The ASTB-E is a battery of subtests that cover seven key areas, including mathematics, reading comprehension, mechanical comprehension, aviation and nautical information, and naval aviation traits, a performance-based measures battery, and a biographical inventory. The ASTB-E is administered online in a computer-delivered format. The combination of test questions changes for each candidate and for each test administration. As aforementioned, you can only take the ASTB-E three times total, so make sure to thoroughly prepare.

In terms of content, the following outline provides the seven subtests and the general information covered in those subtests:

  • Math Skills Test (MST)
    • Covering: arithmetic, algebra, and geometry; word equations and problems; solving for variables, distance problems, and estimation of probabilities; basic operations, fractions, exponents, roots, angles, area, and other related content
  • Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)
    • Covering: extraction of meaning from passages; inferences; word denotation and connotation, and other related content
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT)
    • Covering: introductory physics material; principles of gases and liquids; pressure, velocity, and volume; components of engines, pulleys, and fulcrums; electricity, weight distribution, gears, and other related content
  • Aviation and Nautical Information Test (ANIT)
    • Covering: familiarity with aviation and nautical history and terminology; procedures, components, and concepts related to aviation; aerodynamic principles, flight rules, and regulations, and other related content
  • Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI)
    • Covering: examinees’ responses to paired statements related to how they act, think, or feel about specific, relevant content
  • Performance-Based Measures Battery (PBM)
    • Covering: directional orientation problems, listening tasks, tracking tasks, mental rotation, and other content related to flight simulator software-related knowledge
  • Biographic Inventory with Response Validation (BI-RV)
    • Covering: specific information pertaining to examinees’ academic performance, extracurricular activities, background, interests, and other related content

Test Preparation

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