WEST-E English Language Learners Practice Test (051)

Prospective teaching candidates who wish to teach the subject of English Language Learners will need to be certified by the state of Washington. Attain your certification by taking the Washington Educator Skills Tests. The WEST-E set of exams is designed to measure subject area knowledge for your preferred teaching area. WEST-E Test #051 is the test for English Language Learners and the WEST-E practice test will help you to do your best.

The keys to successfully passing your WEST-E Test #051 are to understand the test format, study well, and give yourself ample time to take your test at the official testing site. Get plenty of rest the night before your exam and eat a healthy meal or snack before arriving at the testing facility.

The test will give you 2 hours and 15 minutes to take your test, so you’ll want to pace yourself accordingly. You should have plenty of time. If you have extra time, go back and review any answers that you are unsure of.

Use the WEST-E English Language Learners #051 practice test to help you study for your exam. There will be approximately 110 questions on your test. The questions will be given in a computer-based format and will consist of multiple-choice answers. Use the WEST-E English Language Learners practice questions to study for the five domains. Plan your studies to include 18% of the questions on Language and Literacy Development, 18% on Culture, 28% on Planning and Managing Instruction, 18% on Assessment, and 18% on Professional Leadership.

The scores for each domain range from 100-300. You will need an overall score of 240 in order to pass your test and obtain your certification. You will be able to get your scores and learn if you passed the test immediately after your test is completed. Your scores will be released within 2-6 weeks of your test date.