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Practice Questions

1. Which month of the year contains the fewest hours of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere?

a. February
b. July
c. October
d. December

2. RETRACT RETRIEVE - These words

a. have similar meanings.
b. have contradictory meanings.
c. have neither similar nor contradictory meanings.

3. Two people leave a city at the same time. One person travels at 30 miles an hour and arrives three hours later at his destination. The second person travels to a city 120 miles away and arrives at the same time. How fast is the second person traveling?

a. 30 miles an hour
b. 40 miles an hour
c. 50 miles an hour
d. 60 miles an hour

4. Which of the following figures is most different from the others?

a. Figure A
b. Figure B
c. Figure C
d. Figure D

Use the following information to answer Question 5:
Three of the four figures below are identical, but rotated.

5. Which one of the figures above is different?

e. Figure A
f. Figure B
g. Figure C
h. Figure D

Answers & Explanations

1. D: December. The fewest hours of daylight occur at the start of winter, which is mid-December in the Northern Hemisphere. February, July, and October all have more hours of daylight.

2. A: have similar meanings. Both words involve taking something back; "to retract" something is to draw it back or withdraw it (for instance, a statement), and "to retrieve" something can mean to get it back or regain it.

3. B: 40 miles an hour. If the second person takes three hours to drive to a city 120 miles away, dividing 120 by 3 gets us 40 miles per hour.

4. C: In the other three figures, all sides are the same length, but in figure C, the bottom side is shorter than the other two sides. Other things to consider might be the number of sides in each figure, but since two figures have three sides, we can dismiss that idea.

5. B: In all three other answer choices, the line stretches across its section of the square, but in choice B, it points into the corner.


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