Next Generation ACCUPLACER Writing Section Overview

The writing section of the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER exam measures your command of important grammar and punctuation rules as well as your knowledge of English language conventions. Your score on this test will determine which level of English classes you will begin at in your first year of college.

Next Generation ACCUPLACER Reading Section

The reading section of the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER is designed to figure out what level your reading comprehension skills currently are. Since reading comprehension is one of the essential skills needed to succeed in any college level degree program, it is very important that the college get an accurate measure of your reading ability.

Next Generation ACCUPLACER Math Quantitative Reasoning Overview

Quantitative reasoning includes mathematic processes that are a little more advanced than the arithmetic included in the first math section of the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER. This section will measure your skill level in introductory algebra, geometry, statistics, and similar subjects to help determine which level of math class you should be placed in during your first … Read more

Next Generation ACCUPLACER Math Advanced Algebra Overview

The Advanced Algebra section is the most challenging of the three math sections on the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER. It covers primarily college level math that you may not have encountered yet. However, it’s still important to do your best so they can place you in the correct level introductory math class.

Next Generation ACCUPLACER Arithmetic Practice Test

Arithmetic includes all of the foundational mathematic concepts which are not only essential to succeeding in college but also for common, daily tasks like splitting a bill, creating a budget, and taking measurements. This section of the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test will measure your level of command of these essential mathematic skills.

Next Generation ACCUPLACER Practice Test

Many students will be required to take the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test early in their college career. In some cases, students even take it in their last year of high school before they begin college. This is a placement test that measures the core skills needed for success both in academics and your career after college. … Read more