TABE Test Breakdown

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What’s on the TABE Test?

Before we look at what’s on the test, it’s important to note that there are actually two different versions of the test you can take! The time limit and number of questions are different for each version.

Complete Battery
This is the full, comprehensive version of the test. All of the content areas are covered in detail, which provides an in-depth assessment of your skills and abilities. The complete battery contains 195 questions and is timed at 3 hours.

This is a shorter, less detailed version of the test. All of the content areas are covered, but the idea behind the survey test is to quickly determine your skills and abilities on a surface level. This version contains 100 questions and is timed at 1.5 hours.

Regardless of whether you take the complete battery or the survey, you will be given a “locator” test beforehand. This will determine what level of difficulty your test should be to give the most helpful results.

  • L (Literacy)
  • E (Easy)
  • M (Medium)
  • D (Difficult)
  • A (Advanced)

There are three content areas on the test, and the questions in each content area are grouped into multiple content categories.

Here’s what the breakdown of the test looks like:

test outline for the TABE test

How to Register

The organization or institution that is administering your test will provide all of the information you need in order to register for the test.

TABE Study Guide and Flashcards

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TABE Test Scores

Here’s the good news:

You can’t fail the TABE test.

This test is just used for evaluating your current skill level, so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the score you want.

Scoring for the TABE test can be done in a few different ways: online, with the help of scanning technology, or the traditional pen-and-paper method, guided by a keen human eye. The rules for how the test is scored are set by the International Reading Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the National Council of Teachers of Math.

These groups use the National Reporting System (NRS) to determine the final scores. Each level of the TABE has its own scoring range, so you’ll know exactly where you stand

Retaking the Test

If you didn’t get a passing score on your first try, that’s okay! The details regarding your ability to retake the test and how many times you can retake it are decided by each school or organization individually.

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What is the TABE test?


The TABE test is used to assess your current level of knowledge regarding general school subjects, as well as your general work skills.


How long is the TABE test?


The time limit is different for each version of the test. The survey test is timed at 1.5 hours, and the complete battery is timed at 3 hours.


How many questions are on the TABE test?


The number of questions differs on each version of the test. The survey test contains 100 questions, and the complete battery contains 195 questions.