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In order to be truly ready on your ACT test date, you need to know how best to take the test. Part of comprehensive ACT training is learning some tips for taking standardized paper-based exams. When you get your ACT test, take your time in reading the instructions on the cover. Be sure to read each question slowly and thoroughly, rereading if necessary. The ACT test is timed, so try to avoid spending too much time on any one section. Be sure to answer every question in every section; your ACT score will be based on the number of questions you get right, with no deduction for wrong answers. If you have time, go back and review your work. Finally, be sure you stop writing when time is called, or else you will be disqualified.

You will also be disqualified from the ACT exam and have your ACT scores invalidated if you do the following: use an unauthorized calculator; look back or ahead in the ACT test booklet; share a calculator; look at another person's test booklet or answer document; attempt to remove any test materials from the test room; giving or receiving assistance on the ACT test; exhibiting confrontational behavior; using highlighters or colored pencils; or generally not following the rules of the test center. These rules are enforced so that all of those who sign up for ACT testing will receive an equal opportunity to succeed.

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