MAT Test Breakdown

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is an analytic ability test utilizing analogy problems. Primarily verbal analogies are tested, but a few quantitative analogies will also be on the MAT. There are a total of 100 partial analogies that must be completed in 50 minutes. The MAT will test your ability to determine relationships between words,mastery of the English language, and a general knowledge of fine arts, history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, and science.

Many people will benefit from taking the Miller Analogies Test as they apply to graduate school. This test has been developed by Harcourt Assessment to measure verbal comprehension and analytical thinking. The MAT consists of 120 partial analogies that must be completed within 60 minutes.Twenty of the items on the test are unscored. experimental items used for the development of future tests. The test-taker will not be able to determine which of the items are experimental. The analogies on the MAT may be either semantic, classification, association, or logical/mathematical.

Semantic analogies involve the definitions of the terms involved, and may be divided up into the following groups: synonyms/definitions; antonyms/contrasts; degrees of intensity; or word part and meaning. Classification analogies depend on an understanding of the way words and concepts are placed in a hierarchy. These analogies may have to do with category, membership, or the relation of whole and part. Association analogies are the most common type of analogy; they have to do with the relationship between two ideas.

Association analogies may depend on the characteristics of an object, the order of something, or a cause-and-effect relationship. Finally, logical/mathematical analogies may contain equations, fractions, multiples, negation, or letter and sound patterns.

The ability to complete all of the analogies will require competency in the English language, as well as specific knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. A score report will be mailed to the test-taker two to three weeks after the completion of the exam. The score report will include a scaled and percentile score.

The scaled score is placed on a range of 200 to 400, and is derived from the raw score, which is the number of questions answered correctly. The MAT can be taken either on a computer or on paper. The Miller Analogies test can be taken anytime of year at over 500 locations around the world; to register, visit the MAT website.