ATI TEAS 7 Math Practice Test

This free ATI TEAS 7 Math practice test is specifically designed to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the TEAS and know what to expect when it is time to take the Mathematics portion of the TEAS exam.

The Math portion will consist of 38 questions that address two main topics:

  1. Numbers & Algebra
  2. Measurement & Data

We have ensured that the free ATI TEAS 7 Math practice tests on this page will cover these topics thoroughly.

What is the ATI TEAS 7 Exam?

As you have worked toward beginning the education for your great career choice, you have learned that you are required by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) to take the TEAS (Test for Essential Academic Skills) and attach your scores to your nursing school application(s).

After all the hard work of your earlier education, you definitely want to be accepted by your chosen school. And you certainly want to be off to a good start.

The former TEAS version, TEAS 6, has been updated and replaced by TEAS 7. We have ensured that you will have all of the most up-to-date information so you can understand exactly what you need to in order to ace the exam.

 Study Guide

The TEAS covers these four categories: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English & Language Usage. Because we have one primary goal for nursing students—to help you enter each of the four TEAS phases prepared to excel in each category—you will find the direction that you need and the answers to your questions from Mometrix Test Preparation. Furthermore, your Mometrix training is the guidance you want on how to study in college.

ATI chose the four TEAS categories because each is relevant to the success of your nursing school education and your career, regardless of the nursing path you choose. As a nurse, you will be working with patients, doctors, technicians, all kinds of medical personnel, clerical personnel, and other nurses. Your responsibilities will require your excellence in each of the categories, and so you will be studying them academically throughout your nursing education as you work toward your degree.

To make sure that studying for the TEAS 7 is not a daunting task, we have created and established the best core program available to help you in the Mathematics section.

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Why am I being tested on my math skills?

Math and science are necessary skills to have for your nursing education and career; in fact, nursing science is actually dependent upon various mathematical procedures. Just a few examples include formulas for IV drips, understanding the customization of dosage for the administration of patient medications, and calculation of patients’ input and output. Furthermore, depending upon specialty areas, nurses may be required to calculate ovulation dates, glycemic index, or body mass index.

As with other TEAS 7 sub-areas, academic excellence does not automatically guarantee a high TEAS score. Other factors are relevant, which are covered in by Mometrix Test Preparation’s various TEAS resources.

What’s new in the math section of the TEAS 7?

The categories in the math section of the TEAS 7 remain exactly the same as the TEAS 6: Numbers & Algebra and Measurement & Data. The number of questions has changed from 36 to 38, and the time limit has changed from 54 minutes to 57 minutes. Four questions, which are only for survey purposes, will not count toward your score.

Let’s delve into these two areas in some detail so you will be ready.


Numbers & Algebra

In this category, you will see 16 questions about numbers and algebra. Here is a rundown on the types of questions:

  • Convert among non-negative fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Perform arithmetic operations with rational numbers
  • Compare and order rational numbers
  • Solve equations with one variable
  • Solve real-world problems using one- or multi-step operations with real numbers
  • Solve real-world problems involving percentages
  • Apply estimation strategies and rounding rules to real-world problems
  • Solve real-world problems involving proportions
  • Solve real-world problems involving ratios and rates of change
  • Solve real-world situations using expressions, equations, and inequalities


Free TEAS Test Math Practice Test


Measurement & Data

At 18 questions, Measurement & Data is the longer of the two categories, and it deals with quantitative data in various forms. You will be required to do the following:

  • Interpret relevant information from tables, charts, and graphs
  • Evaluate the information in data sets, tables, charts, and graphs using statistics
  • Explain the relationship between two variables
  • Calculate geometric quantities
  • Convert with and between standard and metric systems

Keys to Succeeding in Math

Your “homework” should, most of all, include brushing up on your algebra knowledge and skills, rational numbers and their properties, and various types of ratios and their conversion from one to another.

Your reading skills should be put to good use because of the degree of word problems presented in this category. These, as always, require attention to detail and clear understanding. To practice word problems, consider just tackling one a day; know the answers before you begin and work toward them instead of working all the way through and learning you were wrong; consider them a game instead of a test; make them short to start; and, work with others on solving them.


Know in advance that the Math segment of the ATI TEAS 7 is not going to be easy, so consider these additional suggestions. To be ready, be:

  • Rested and alert
  • Thorough but observant of the time limit
  • A thorough reader of each question so you don’t miss imperative information
  • On the lookout for irrelevant information that is meant to throw you off, again by reading thoroughly and thoughtfully

While you should not look for shortcuts, per se, you can—and should—be efficient by using the following:

  • The process of elimination within a question—this can help you immediately reject any obvious wrong answer
  • The process of elimination of a question rather than getting bogged down on one that’s to tough for you (if there’s time, you can always go back to it later)
  • Ballpark numbers to help determine the correct response

Even if you know the answer immediately, use the “show me” method by showing your work as you respond to test questions. This will give order to your responses, cause you to “see” your work and observe any issues, and create a good habit. Then, you can examine your final answer, make sure one last time that you didn’t make a mistake, and ascertain you have bubbled in all of your answers.

Breathe a sigh of relief. You have Mometrix Test Preparation which has already worked diligently to make sure you are ready and set for all of the four TEAS 7 phases. We want you to pass with flying colors!