The College Basic Academic Subjects Examination (CBASE) is administered to college students, especially those who are interested in teacher education programs. The CBASE test assesses knowledge and skill in general subjects.

The exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions in four content areas:

  • English (41 questions)
  • mathematics (56 questions)
  • science (41 questions)
  • social studies (42 questions)

Within each of these sections, the CBASE test isolates the most important skills for a teacher: understanding and the communication of knowledge.

Each of the particular skills addressed by the CBASE test is covered by eight or nine questions. These questions take a four-tiered approach to subject knowledge. At the most basic level, you need to know general facts about each subject on the exam. Some of the questions on the CBASE test will simply require you to possess basic information in the content area.

A more sophisticated type of questions will ask you to interpret information. In other words, this type of question will require explanation, summary, or paraphrasing of given information. An even more advanced form of question will ask you to demonstrate strategic knowledge: that is, the ability to compare and analyze a given set of information. The CBASE test may ask you to group items into categories or display insight into hidden characteristics.

Finally, some very sophisticated questions will require adaptive reasoning, or the ability to make hypotheses or predictions based on the given sets of information. In order to succeed on the CBASE test, you need to be prepared to answer all four types of question.

The scoring of the test is fairly simple: you will receive numerical scores in each subject and an indication of your passing status (that is, whether you passed the exam). The minimum passing score varies by jurisdiction. CBASE test score reports are sent approximately four weeks after the examination to you and to the institution in which you are enrolled. For a nominal fee, you can have the official score report sent to other institutions.