MoGEA Math Practice Test

Mathematics is an important aspect of any student’s learning journey. That’s why in Missouri, educators who want to teach mathematics must take and pass the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment (MoGEA).

The Mathematics subtest assesses topics like algebra, geometry, and statistics. In addition to the math overview, this page also contains a recommendation on study materials that can help you prepare for the test.

What’s on the test?

The MoGEA Math Interpretation subtest contains three sections.  

  1. Numbers and Algebra:
    • Understanding integers, fractions, decimals, and other rational numbers.
    • Understanding how algebra can solve math and real-world problems.
    • Understanding how using percent, ratios, geometric sequences, and other numeric and algebraic reasoning skills can solve real-world problems.
    • Using linear equations and inequalities to solve real-world problems.
  2. Measurement and Geometry:
    • Understanding basic geometric figures
    • Using angles, perimeter, area, circumference and surface areas to solve math and real-world measurement problems.
    • Understanding similarity, congruence, Pythagorean theorem and other basic concepts to solve problems.
  3. Statistics and Data Analysis:
    • Information analysis using tables, charts, plots, circle graphs, and other formats.
    • Understanding sampling to draw conclusions about a population.

How many questions are on the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment Math subtest?

The math subtest contains 40 multiple-choice questions.

What’s the test time for this subtest?

Test-takers have 75 minutes to finish the math subtest.

What does it cost to take the Math subtest?

Candidates pay a $25 test fee.

What is the test’s passing score?

Individual educator prep program set the subtest passing scores so candidates should consult with their program.

Since this is a math test, can I bring my own calculator?

No. Candidates will have access to a calculator that will be located on the computer screen in the testing room.