MoGEA Writing Test Review

Writing clearly and concisely and in a way that makes sense takes practice. That’s why students need teachers who have demonstrated they have the skills to teach writing. In Missouri, educators who want to teach writing must take and pass the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment (MoGEA).

What’s on the test?

The MoGEA Writing subtest has just one question.  Candidates must write a single composition that is clear and coherent.  Candidates will be asked to read a passage with an opposing viewpoint, and then write a 400 to 600-word response. The writing portion of the exam shows candidates can:

  • Produce writing that is focused, coherent, and unified
  • Use words, phrases, and clauses to effectively link text sections and create cohesive writing
  • Uses thesis statements to introduce and develop ideas.
  • Understand sentence structure
  • Understand standard conventions of English
  • Understand capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

How many questions are on the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment Writing test?

There’s just one question on this subtest.

How much time do candidates have to complete this one question?

There’s a 60-minute test time for the writing subtest.

What’s the fee to take the Writing subtest?

Candidates pay a $25 test fee.

What is the exam’s passing score?

The subtest passing scores are set by the individual educator prep program. Candidates should consult with their program.

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