MTTC Integrated Science (Secondary) Practice Test (094)

High school courses can be challenging, and science is no exception. There are many types of science, and in order to teach it in a secondary school setting, teachers in Michigan must be properly certified. They must pass the MTTC Integrated Science (Secondary) Exam before stepping into the classroom.

The MTTC Integrated Science (Secondary) Test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

You must get a score of 220 to pass. There are two test formats: computer and paper.

The exam is broken down into four subareas, each weighted at 25%:

  • constructing and reflecting on scientific knowledge
  • life sciences
  • earth/space sciences
  • physical sciences

Be prepared to use your knowledge of multiple subareas to solve complex problems. You will be tested on common themes found in science and know about how science is connected to other disciplines.

The test encompasses multiple topics, including scientific research and investigations, relationship between science and technology, science’s connection to math and technology, cell structure and function, functions of living things, human biology, genetics, heredity and evolution.

You will also be tested on ecological systems, climate, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, astronomy, chemical changes in matter, chemical properties of matter, molecular behavior, ideal gas laws, mechanics, magnetism, electricity, energy, vibrations and waves, and properties of light and sound.

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Take your studying a step further by investing in the MTTC Integrated Science (Secondary) Test. This guide will help you make the most of your study time by giving you a thorough breakdown of the test. You’ll know what to expect, boosting your confidence and easing your anxiety.