MTTC Mathematics Practice Test (089)

A vital step of Michigan’s teacher certification is the required testing program, the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). These examinations will ensure that each certified teacher has the necessary professional readiness and content knowledge to serve in Michigan schools.

If you are pursuing a teaching career in mathematics for elementary students, you will be required to pass the MTTC test in that subject area. Mometrix has designed Mathematics (Elementary) (089) practice test in order to assist you with your studies for this exam.

Let’s go over a few details of the actual exam before you get started with the practice test. You are allowed to take the exam in either a paper-based test (PBT) format or a computer-based test (CBT) format.

Each test format is 80 multiple-choice questions, which you will have 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete with the PBT format and 2 hours and 30 minutes with the CBT format.

For either format, your score to pass must be 220 or higher.

The questions on both types of test are comprised of the following subareas:

  • Mathematical Processes and Number Concepts (28%)
  • Patterns, Algebraic Relationships, and Functions (28%)
  • Measurement and Geometry (22%)
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, Probability and Discrete Mathematics (22%)

Whichever test format you chose, be sure to take the MTTC Mathematics (Elementary) (089) practice test from Mometrix and get a head start with becoming an elementary mathematics certified teacher in the state of Michigan!