MTTC Physics Practice Test (019)

Energy, matter and motion come together in the area of science known as physics. Physics is a demanding subject that can be challenging even for those who do well in math and science. Students looking toward a career in engineering, chemistry and astronomy will likely be required to take physics classes. Teaching physics to junior high and high school students is not an easy task. Prospective teachers in Michigan must obtain certification, which is done by passing the MTTC Physics Exam.

The MTTC Physics Test is a multiple-choice exam.

You must answer 100 questions within the allotted time, which is two hours and 30 minutes (computer format) or four hours and 30 minutes (paper format).

You must achieve a score of 220 or higher to pass.

The test covers five subareas. A large portion of the test will focus on mechanics, electricity and magnetism. The other subareas are foundations of scientific inquiry, waves, acoustics, optics, and nature of matter and modern physics.

In order to succeed on the test, you will need to have a solid understanding of various concepts, including scientific inquiry, scientific investigations, one- and two-dimensional motion, Newton’s law of motion, gravitation, conservation of energy, momentum, torque, simple circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetic induction, waves, principles of sound and acoustics, ray optics, states of matter, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics.

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