Age Requirements

Typical age requirements are:
Class D license – min. 17 yrs. of age
Class E license – min. 15 yrs. of age

Stage 1- Learner’s Permit

1.15 yrs. Old 
2.30 hrs. classroom and 6 hrs. with behind the wheel instruction
3.Pass visual, road signs, and written tests
4.Authorized to drive with licensed parent, guardian or adult at least 21 years of age or sibling at least 18 years of age
5.Maintain learner’s license for min. 90 days and cannot change to intermediate stage until attainment of sixteenth birthday

Stage 2 – Intermediate License

1.Must complete Stage 1
2.Min. 16 yrs. old
3.Pass on-road driving test
4.Cannot drive between 11 PM-5 AM unless accompanied by a licensed guardian, parent or adult at least 21 yrs. of age or a sibling at least 18 yrs. of age.
5.Maintain until attainment of 17th birthday

Stage 3 – Full License

1.Complete Stages 1 and 2 or
2.Min. 17 yrs. of age prior to application for first license.

Applicants 17 yrs old who have not entered the graduated licensing program may apply for a Class E license or a Learner’s Permit upon completion of a full driver’s education course or a six hour pre-licensing course. An out-of-state applicant 16 yrs. of age who has a license/permit for a min. of 90 days. may be eligible to bypass the learner’s permit stage and be issued an intermediate stage license.

Class D – At least 17 yrs. of age. If applicant has never been licensed, the driver education course mentioned above is required.

Class A, B, C – Must be at least 18 yrs. of age, or 21 years of age if a hazardous materials endorsement is issued. If applicant never has had a license, the driver education course or pre-licensing training course mentioned above is required. A valid license is required to apply for a CDL or commercial driver’s license.

Examples of typical state fees:

Class D $27.50 – 4 yrs.
Class D (in City) $35.00 – 4 yrs.
Class E $12.50 – 4 yrs.
Learner’s License $12.50 – 4 yrs.
Motorcycle Endorsement $8.00 – 4 yrs.
Duplicate License $5.00
Possible Local Feess $.50-$3.00 also possible $8.00 service fee.

Medical Restrictions

Physically handicapped persons, and persons over 60 years old applying for the first time must obtain a form from your local state office of motor vehicles.

4 Key sections on the Driver’s License Test

  • Vision
  • Traffic Signs
  • Knowledge of Traffic Laws
  • Driving