Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles

Map of USA with Alaska highlighted in light blueIf you are wondering how to obtain your first driver’s license or permit in the state of Alaska, then you have come to the right place. It is not a difficult process to figure out, but it does make it easier to have some help. The links and step-by-step instructions on this web page are designed to give you all the tools and knowledge you will need to deal with the administrative side of the process. All the driving information is left off this page but may be found in the Alaska Driver’s Manual (follow the link found at the bottom of this page).The good news is: there are surprisingly few steps to take in order to obtain a driver’s license. First, you need to know the driving laws and procedures in Alaska. For this step, you can either take a class, or you can study the Alaska Driver’s Manual on your own.¬†

Second, go to the DMV closest to you for your provisional license. You will need: 1) a parent or guardian willing to sign a parental consent form; 2) completed Form D1(Form D1 can also be found at the DMV, but it will take additional time to fill the form out there); and 3) 2 documents proving who you are and how old you are-such as your social security card and verification of your current address. A birth certificate, a school ID, and a social security card are some of the most commonly used identifying documents.

Third, you will be required to pass the written test. The test is not very difficult, and if the applicant takes the time to read the driver’s manual or to take a driver’s education class, then he or she will probably find the test easy. Failure does not go on your record, and you can return to the DMV the next day to retake the exam.

Once you have your permit, you will need to gain at least 40 hours of driving time with a parent in the car and 10 hours of driving during difficult conditions. It is a good idea to practice some of the requirements for the road test (read the Alaska Driver’s Manual for more details).

Be at your best while driving during this provisional period. If you receive any kind of traffic violation, then you will need to wait until six months after the violation to receive a driver’s license. Also, if a parent believes that restrictions should be placed on your license, he or she can request provisions. For instance, if one of your parents notices you do not check your blind spot at night, it can be requested that you not be allowed, by law, to drive at night.

There are two different ways to take the road test. Either, the test can be taken during a class, or it can be taken at the DMV, with a DMV official. If you want to take the test with a DMV official, then you first need to schedule your test. Navigate to the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles Schedule Road Test Page and select standard license from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

When you go into the DMV for your road test for the driver’s license, it is a good idea to bring all the documentation you took with you for your permit, in addition to your permit. You must also bring $15 for processing fees.

The official State of Alaska Driver’s Manual, a publication of the Alaska Department of Administration-Division of Motor Vehicles can be downloaded from the following address:¬†