Class D License Practice Test

1.The maximum height for listed vehicles is ___.
A: 12'6"
B: 13'6"
C: 14'6"
D: 15'6"
E: 16'0"

2.A load must not extend more than __ feet to the front of the vehicle, or more than ___ feet to the rear of the vehicle except poles, piling and logs.
A: 2,4
B: 3,5
C: 4,6
D: 4,8
E: 5,10

3.Poles, piling and logs may project ___ feet beyond the rearmost part of the trailer.
A: 5
B: 6
C: 10
D: 15
E: 17

4.If a load extends for 4 or more feet past the bed or body of any vehicle, a ___ flag 12 inches square must be attached to the extreme rear of the load during daylight hours.
A: red
B: white
C: blue
D: green
E: yellow

5.At night, a red light must be attached to the extreme rear of the load and visible for at least ___ feet to the sides and the rear.
A: 100
B: 200
C: 300
D: 400
E: 500

6.When pulling or towing another motor vehicle the speed limit is ___ m.p.h.
A: 35
B: 45
C: 55
D: 60
E: 65

7.On a rural highway, drivers of motor trucks must not follow within ___ feet of one another except to pass.
A: 200
B: 300
C: 400
D: 500
E: 600

8.Also, high beam headlights must be dimmed no less than ____ feet from oncoming traffic, and ___ feet of a vehicle being followed.
A: 600, 200
B: 500, 200
C: 400, 200
D: 300, 100
E: 200, 150

9.Vehicles transporting passengers for hire must be equipped with at least a ___ type fire extinguisher.
A: 1-A
B: 2-B
C: 1-AB
D: 2-BC
E: 1-A-B

10.Passenger buses and freight carrying vehicles must carry all of the following except.
A: Three flares
B: Two 12-inch square red cloth flags
C: Three electric lanterns
D: A & B
E: All of the following are required

11.Trucks carrying explosive, flammable liquid, compressed gases or using compressed gas as a fuel must use _______ or ________ only.
A: 2 12-inch square red cloth flags, three electric lanterns
B: 2 12-inch square red cloth flags, three flares
C: red electric lanterns, red emergency reflectors
D: red electric lanterns, white emergency reflectors
E: white electric lanterns, white emergency reflectors

12.If your brakes should fail on the level road, you should _______, and use engine compression to slow down.
A: up-shift
B: downshift
C: put on the emergency brake
D: throw out the anchor
E: accelerate

13. A rear view mirror must reflect a view of the highway for a distance of ___ feet to the rear regardless of the load of the vehicle.
A: 100
B: 200
C: 250
D: 300
E: 350

14.Tail lights must be visible for ___ feet to the rear.
A: 250
B: 500
C: 750
D: 1,000
E: 1,250

15.Reflectors must be visible for ___ feet.
A: 200
B: 300
C: 450
D: 550
E: 600

Answer Key

1. B
2. D
3. D
4. A
5. E
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. D
10. E
11. C
12. B
13. B
14. D
15. E

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