OSAT Advanced Mathematics Practice Test (111)

Once you begin teaching more advanced levels of mathematics, the general struggle of trying to present the subject in a way that keeps your students’ attention usually lessens. However, that doesn’t mean teaching Advanced Mathematics is easy!

If you’re studying to become an Advanced Mathematics educator, you know there are many skills you need to master before you can step foot in the classroom. Those planning to teach in the state of Oklahoma will also have one extra step to take to earn their certification: the OSAT Advanced Mathematics exam.

The OSAT, otherwise known as the Oklahoma Subject Area Test, serves as a means of measuring the knowledge and preparedness of incoming teachers within the state of Oklahoma. If you don’t earn a passing score on this important exam, you cannot start your career.

At Mometrix Test Preparation, your success is our main priority. That’s why we’ve composed and want to offer you our OSAT Advanced Mathematics (011) practice test. We’ve carefully studied the full exam from front to back, enabling us to create only the most comprehensive and accurate study tool for you to use to prepare for your designated OSAT exam.

The test contains 81 OSAT Advanced Mathematics questions, which fall under two answer subareas: “constructed-response” and “selected-response.” The “constructed-response” subarea is composed of only one question, which covers the subject of Relations, Functions, and Algebra (15 percent).

The “selected-response” subarea is much larger, spanning 85 percent of the test’s content. All questions under this subarea are multiple choice, and cover such subjects as:

  • Probability, Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics (14 percent)
  • Mathematical Processes and Number Sense (18 percent)
  • Trigonometry and Calculus (23 percent)
  • Measurement and Geometry (18 percent)
  • Relations, Functions, and Algebra (12 percent)

Our OSAT Advanced Mathematics practice test is the perfect tool for familiarizing yourself with the exam’s contents and evaluating your strengths and weaknesses well before exam day arrives. It also pairs well with our companion study guide, but is still effective when used standalone. The practice test is 100 percent free to use. We hope you will be able to incorporate these resources into your study plan. Good luck!