OSAT Chemistry Practice Test (004)

Like the majority of scientific subjects out there, Chemistry is fairly complicated to learn and teach. There are all sorts of formulas and other components to keep track of that it takes a phenomenal educator to help students make sense of it all.

If you’re training to become a Chemistry teacher within the United States, you’re already learning how to present this information in an engaging and digestible way for your future students.

No one recognizes how important your competency in your chosen subject is better than the Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability. That’s why they require all incoming teachers to take and pass the OSAT—in your case, the OSAT Chemistry exam. No teacher in the state can enter the classroom professionally without first earning a passing score on this exam.

While the idea of this exam may seem intimidating, you have nothing to fear! Mometrix Test Preparation is here to help you. We have published a free OSAT Chemistry (004) practice test for you to use as you study. Designed with accuracy in mind, this resource is meant to provide you with a comprehensive example of the real test’s materials, so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect come exam day.

On the full exam, you’ll find a total of 81 OSAT Chemistry questions. All of them deal with subjects relevant to your educational specialty.

One of the 81 questions falls under the “constructed-response” category, which basically amounts to an essay question. Its only subject is the Nature of Science (15 percent).

The test’s multiple choice category, “Selected-Response,” takes up the remaining 85 percent of the test’s content. Its subjects include:

  • Solutions and Quantitative Relationships (16 percent)
  • Nature of Science (13 percent)
  • Chemical Reactions (17 percent)
  • Structure of Matter (15 percent)
  • Energy in Chemical Processes (13 percent)
  • Properties of Matter (11 percent)

Our OSAT Chemistry practice test will prove effective whether used in conjunction with our OSAT Chemistry study guide or standalone. We hope you will incorporate it into your studies to round out your preparation for this important exam. Good luck!