OSAT Computer Science Practice Test (181)

In today’s world, there’s perhaps no other field more contemporary than Computer Science. Society is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, making those who know how to work with it more important than ever before. However, the newest generations will need a push in the right direction to guide us down the path to further technological advancement.

This is where you come in as an aspiring Computer Science instructor. It will be your job to impart your knowledge of the subject to today’s youth and inspire them to work with and shape future technology.

To ensure you’re adequately prepared for this important job, the state of Oklahoma requires all incoming teachers take and pass the OSAT Computer Science exam.

Much like other subject tests under the OSAT, the Computer Science exam is meant to evaluate your knowledge with respect to your educational field of choice. By passing the exam, you will prove you’re ready to enter the classroom as a professional.

You’ll need only the best and most comprehensive resources to score well on this important exam. To help, the Mometrix Test Preparation Team has put together an OSAT Computer Science (081) practice test.

We have composed this practice test with accuracy in mind, using careful observation of the real test’s formatting to create a resource that will give you a full glimpse of what to expect come exam day.

On the exam there are a total of 81 OSAT Computer Science practice questions. One of them falls under the “constructed-response” category, which qualifies as an essay question and accounts for 15 percent of the exam. Its single subject is Program Design and Algorithms.

Its other category, “selected-response,” takes up 85 percent of the exam’s content and covers such subjects as:

  • Programming and Program Testing (28 percent)
  • Computer Use in Educational Environments (21 percent)
  • Program Design and Algorithms (15 percent)
  • Computer System Concepts (21 percent)

While our OSAT Computer Science practice test is quite effective on its own, it produces the best results when used in conjunction with our OSAT Computer Science study guide. Regardless of how you use it, we hope you will be able to incorporate it into your studies and that it will serve you well. Good luck, and study hard!