OSAT Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics Practice Test (125)

It’s a well-known fact that Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects out there to teach, if only because so many people despise it. This holds especially true for middle school students who, due to the myriad of other changes they’re forced to deal with in their lives, already come with their own unique set of challenges when it comes to educating them properly.

 Study Guide

As a prospective Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics teacher, it will be your job to present this material in a way that both appeals to your students while also meeting all of their educational requirements. How will you know whether you’re ready for the job?

If you’re in the state of Oklahoma, you are required to not only clear all of the necessary training but take and pass the OSAT Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics exam. The OSAT is designed to evaluate your preparedness as an educational professional by measuring your knowledge of both your chosen field and the teaching process.

To prepare for this important final test, you’ll need only the most comprehensive study tools. This is where Mometrix Test Preparation comes in. We’d like to present you with our free OSAT Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics (125) practice test, designed especially for incoming teachers in your specific field.

This resource is meant to serve as an accurate mirror of the real exam, providing you with the chance to know what to expect as well as strengthen any content areas you’re weak with.


Each of the 81 OSAT Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics questions centers on a subject relevant to your field on the exam.

One of the questions requires an essay (or “constructed-response”) answer, focusing on Pedagogical Content Knowledge. This is the shortest part of the exam, taking up only 15 percent of its material.

The rest of the test is multiple choice (or “selected-response”), and accounts for 85 percent of the exam. Its subjects include:

  • Probability, Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics (16 percent)
  • Number Properties and Number Sense (13 percent)
  • Measurement and Geometry (19 percent)
  • Relations, Functions, and Algebra (37 percent)

We hope our OSAT Middle/Level Intermediate Mathematics practice test will serve you well as you study. If you want an even more comprehensive study experience, we suggest pairing this tool with our study guide, which is designed to work in conjunction with the practice test. Good luck!