OSAT Physics Practice Test (014)

For many, Physics is one of the most exciting and fascinating subjects out there. However, most don’t develop their interest in the subject overnight. Oftentimes it’s the effort and help of a great teacher that inspires lifelong curiosity about how our world works—the type of teacher you have the capacity to become.

You’ve spent years learning and honing your skills, and now you’re almost done with your training and ready to become a professional teacher. There’s just one last hurdle you must clear: the OSAT Physics exam.

In the state of Oklahoma, all incoming teachers must take the OSAT exam relating to their specific field. By doing so, you’ll prove you have the knowledge and capabilities necessary to manage your classroom efficiently and effectively. Of course, such an important exam may seem incredibly daunting.

To help you prepare to your fullest capacity, the Mometrix Test Preparation team has composed an OSAT Physics (014) practice test. This free study tool should prove ideal for those looking for an accurate example of the test’s structure and material.

We recommend it for anyone interested in not only familiarizing themselves with the full exam, but customizing their study approach so they know which subject areas to aim the majority of their focus.

On the actual test, you’ll find a total of 81 OSAT Physics questions. One of these questions requires an essay (“constructed-response”) answer. This question revolves around only one subject—Scientific and Engineering Processes—and takes up 15 percent of the exam’s content.

The remaining 85 percent of the exam is devoted to multiple choice (“selected-response”) questions. This section of the exam involves such relevant subjects as:

  • Thermal and Modern Physics (14 percent)
  • Scientific and Engineering Processes (20 percent)
  • Waves, Acoustics, and Optics (13 percent)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (17 percent)
  • Motion, Forces, and Energy (21 percent)

We hope you will consider incorporating our OSAT Physics practice test into your study plan. For the most thorough experience, feel free to pair this practice test with our companion OSAT Physics study guide. Good luck, and study well!