OSAT U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics Practice Test (017)

By choosing to teach any subject under the realm of social studies, whether it be Economics, US History, or some related subject, you will have to have a wealth of knowledge under your belt. You will have to understand the subject top to bottom so as to properly convey every key point to your students.

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It is no wonder that, alongside your regular educational training, the state of Oklahoma also requires you to score well on the OSAT US History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics exam. By doing so, you will prove you have all of the necessary knowledge and skills required to teach.

As a statewide requirement for every incoming teacher, the OSAT is a necessary benchmark for you to clear; you can’t start your career without a passing score.

To help you score to the best of your ability, the Mometrix Test Preparation team has composed an OSAT US History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics (017) practice test. Designed with accuracy in mind, this practice test is meant to help you learn what to expect from the test by providing a close mirror of its contents. We recommend this resource for anyone looking to get to know their strengths and weaknesses with the exam’s materials.


The exam features a total of 81 OSAT US History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics questions. Approximately 15 percent of the exam is essay response, or “constructed-response.”

The other 85 percent of the exam is multiple choice, or “selected-response.” The former category is comprised of only one question which, in turn, focuses on one category: US and Oklahoma History.

The multiple choice section of the test focuses on such subjects as:

  • Economics (18 percent)
  • Government and Political Science (23 percent)
  • US and Oklahoma History (44 percent)

We hope our OSAT US History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics practice test will serve you well as you prepare for this important exam. For a more thorough study experience, feel free to pair this resource with our companion study guide. Good luck!