OSAT Vocal/General Music Practice Test (203)

The idea of having to take a standardized test just to teach Vocal General Music may sound strange, at first—particularly to the untrained. However, as a future Vocal General Music teacher, you know the amount of skill required to instruct your students, not just on a technical level but an academic level.

Music is hard enough on its own, but teaching it is a different creature, one that requires not only years of schooling to handle, but one other task. If you desire to teach in the state of Oklahoma, you’ll also have to take and pass the OSAT Vocal General Music exam.

If you’re in the market for study resources as you get ready for this exam, consider Mometrix Test Preparation’s carefully researched OSAT Vocal General Music practice test.

We have dedicated close attention to the full OSAT exam to offer you with the most precise practice test available.

The practice test is divided into the areas as following:

  • Listening Skills worth 23%
  • Vocal Performance and Music Methodology worth 14%
  • Music Theory and Composition worth 26%
  • Music History and Culture worth 22%

The constructed-response section is related to Vocal Performance and Music Methodology worth 15%. This is a computer-based test (CBT).

The time frame to complete the OSAT for Vocal General Music is 4 hours plus a 15 CBT tutorial. A passing score of 240 is required on the OSAT for Vocal/General Music. This subject area test contains randomly selected questions from Oklahoma educators. These questions are then validated by a separate panel of Oklahoma educators.

Our OSAT Vocal General Music practice test is best utilized for familiarizing yourself with exam contents. We encourage you to use this 100 percent free study tool to not only get a sense of how the exam works, but to gauge your own strengths and weaknesses so you know how to move forward as you study. For the most excellent results, consider combining this practice test with our OSAT Vocal General Music study guide. Work hard and good luck!