Sobriety Test


1. Alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. It slows normal reflexes, interferes with judgement, reduces alertness and impairs vision. Loss of caution and self-control are often the result of alcohol.

2. It’s the amount of alcohol that enters your blood that causes the problem not the type.

3. Once alcohol enters the blood there is nothing you can do to lessen the effect.

4. Alcohol affects you differently at different times.

Alcohol does the following:

1. Slows down reaction time 
2. Creates a false feeling of confidence 
3. Impairs concentration and dulls judgment 
4. Blurs vision

Truth- You cannot hide Drunk Driving.

There are Severe Penalties for Driving While Intoxicated.

A trained police officer will spot the following in a drunk driver.

1. Speeding 
2. Weaving 
3. Slow Driving 
4. Jerking motion 
5. Quick Stops

DWI-First Conviction

Not less than $300 nor more than $1,000 fine If over 21, driving privileges suspended for 90 days. SR-22 form submitted or $30,000 in cash or security

DWI – Second Conviction

Driving privileges may be suspended for one year. Not less than $750 nor more than $1,000 fine

DWI – Third conviction

Possible Imprisonment, Court may order substance abuse program counseling
Driving Privileges suspended for one year.
Proof of future financial responsibility must be filed and maintained for a three year period from date of conviction
Prescription Drugs and non-prescription drugs can make you drowsy and affect the control of your car.
Never use drugs and alcohol at the same time.


Marijuana can affect the following:

  • Interfere with ability to judge time, speed, and distance
  • Makes the simplest task seem hopelessly confusing
  • Affect your eyesight

Vehicular Homicide

Punishable by a fine not less than $2,000 nor more than $15,000 and imprisonment with or without hard labor for not less than two years or more than fifteen years.

Sobriety Test

If you refuse to submit to the test your driving privileges will be suspended for 180 days on your first offense. If a second or subsequent offense, your driving privileges will be suspended for 545 days.

If 21 or order- And you submit to the test and have a blood alcohol level .10 per cent or more by weight of alcohol in your blood, your driving privileges will be suspended for 90 days.

If under 21- And you submit to the test and have a blood alcohol level .02 per cent or more by weight of alcohol in your blood, your driving privileges will be suspended for 180 days.

Driving Privilege Suspension

The following are all various violations for which your driving privileges will be suspended: 
1. Conviction of a DWI
2. Failure to stop or passing a school bus loading or unloading children
3. Manslaughter or negligent homicide from the operation of a motor vehicle
4. Any felony committed while operating a motor vehicle
5. Failure to stop and render assistance at an accident, in which you were involved, that results in the injury or death of a person
6. Three convictions of reckless driving committed within a 12 month period
7. Unlawful use of a driver’s license
8. Making a false statement or concealing a material fact on an application for a driver’s license
9. Failing to answer a traffic law charge
10. Driving in violation of a driver’s license restriction
11. Refusal to take chemical test when arrested for DWI, or after submitting to the test where the results show a blood alcohol content of .10% or more for those 21 years of age or older, or .02% for those younger than 21 years of age
12. Failure to comply with financial responsibility law when required.
13. Committing an offense in another state which, if committed in this state would be grounds for suspension or revocation.
14. Furnishing false certification or failure to maintain liability insurance on your vehicle
15. Altering information on the license
16. Driving with a suspended driver’s license

A suspended driver’s license must be turned into the Office of Motor Vehicles. A reinstatement fee will be required before your driving privileges can be reinstated.