Wyoming Department of Transportation Driver Services

Map of USA with Wyoming highlighted in light blueWyoming teens who want full driving privileges start with a learner’s permit. At 15, any resident of Wyoming may apply for a permit as long as they pass the knowledge test. This requires familiarity with the driving laws in Wyoming, signs, and a number of other subject areas. The content for this test can be found in Wyoming Rules of the Road, the state Driver’s Manual.

Teens must also pass a vision screening exam, provide an authorized social security number, a state-certified birth certificate, and the signature of a parent or legal guardian. There is a fee of $20 for the permit. The permit allows the teen driver to drive under the supervision of a licensed adult.

The next step toward full licensure occurs one year later. At 16, the intermediate license becomes available. For the intermediate license, teens need to have held the learner’s permit for more than 10 days, and they need to have finished 50 hours of driving practice, with 10 of the 50 taking place during nighttime conditions. A parent needs to accompany the teen to the Driver Services office. The teen must also pass the driving skills test. If the teen has completed a driver education course in Wyoming, then the driving test may be waived, as long as the completion certificate is valid.

Teens with an intermediate license may drive without supervision, but the license does not grant all the privileges of a normal license. More than one passenger who is not a member of the teen’s family cannot be transported under normal circumstances. If a licensed adult (over 18 years old) is in the vehicle, then as many passengers may be carried as there are seat belts in the vehicle.

In addition, teens with an intermediate license may not be on the streets from 11 p.m. until 5 the next morning. There are certain exceptions to the time restraints, as well. For instance, if the teen driver is with a licensed adult, the restraints are lifted. If there is a medical problem, which requires immediate transport, and the medical problem can be certified by a medical staff-member, then the time restraint is lifted. Finally, driving to or from work- or school-related events also serve as exceptions to the rule.

Driver Education in Wyoming

Teens who seek a Wyoming driver license have a choice to make-whether to complete a driver education course or not. While driver education can be costly, completing a course allows minors to graduate at 16 and a half from an intermediate license to full licensure after only six months with the intermediate license. In order to take full advantage of the reduced time period, however, you must receive the intermediate license very soon after you turn 16, which requires you to fulfill the driver’s education requirement before then.

Other drivers without driver education certification must wait until they turn 17 for full driving privileges. In addition, they must also take the driving skills test at the local Wyoming Driver Services office.

Full Licensure

As soon as you hold the intermediate license for six months and pass the age requirement, you will be able to return to the Driver Services office with a parent to complete an application for the full license.

For more details regarding any step of this process, please see the Wyoming Department of Transportation Website.