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The SAT examination process does not end on test day. Getting back your SAT test scores will be the first thing on your mind after you complete your examination, and the College Board works hard to make sure that the score reporting is accurate and speedy. Typically, SAT test scores are available on the internet approximately three weeks after the exam, and are sent home by mail a month after the SAT testing date. Scores for critical reading and math sections of the SAT Reasoning Test are reported on a scale of 200 to 800. You will also get a score on a scale of 2 to 12 for your short essay, and a score on a scale of 20 to 80 for the multiple-choice questions in the writing section. Scores are scaled so that the average SAT test score is a 500 on the critical reading and math sections. These scaled scores are derived from raw scores, which are based on the number of questions answered either correctly or incorrectly. Every correct answer earns you a point, but every incorrect answer results in the subtraction of a quarter of a point. Questions that are omitted do not have any effect on the raw score. This scoring system illustrates why it is advisable to guess on four-choice SAT test questions only when you can eliminate one or more potential answers. You should also note that the SAT Reasoning Test contains a 25-minute equating section, which is not graded but ensures that your score accurately represents your performance on the test. It will not be possible for you to tell which section of the exam is the equating section. In general, the College Board believes that your SAT test score in each section will be within 30-40 points of your actual ability in that area; for this reason, your SAT test scores are placed within a range indicating your probable ability level. After you receive the exam, you can request that your scores be sent to colleges of your choice by performing a simple SAT upload at the College Board website. The College Board recommends that you work with a high school guidance counselor to develop a list of schools that should receive your SAT test scores.

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