SAT Testing

When you arrive at the testing center to sit for any of the SAT tests, you should have with you an admission ticket and proper photo identification. An admission ticket will be issued to you after you register for the exam, and will be available at the College Board SAT test website. An acceptable photo ID is any government- or school-issued card that contains a recognizable photograph and your name in English.

You should also arrive for SAT testing with two No. 2 pencils and a separate, soft eraser. Neither mechanical pencils nor pens are allowed on the SAT exam.

If you are sitting for the SAT Reasoning Test or another SAT math test, be sure to bring a working calculator with plenty of battery power.

You are not allowed to eat or drink during the test, but the College Board recommends that you bring a healthy snack to eat during the break.

You are also allowed to bring a watch and a backpack (which must be stowed under your seat), but you are not allowed to bring scratch paper, books, or a dictionary into the testing area. Moreover, cell phones are not allowed in the testing area; you may be ejected from the testing area and have your SAT test scores invalidated if you break this rule.

Try to get a full night of sleep before the exam, and eat a nutritious breakfast. Make sure you know how to get to the testing center before the day of the exam, and try to arrive early so that you can get settled.

If for some reason you cannot be present on the day of the exam, you should contact the customer service department of the College Board and reschedule; note that you will be charged the test date change fee. If on the other hand you miss your test date but do not want to reschedule, you will forfeit your entire registration fee.

If you have missed the late SAT test registration date but still wish to sit for the exam, you may attempt to participate in stand-by testing. Simply arrive at the testing center fifteen minutes before the exam with a completed registration form, and the test administrators will do their best to get you a place for the examination.

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