NYSTCE Business and Marketing Practice Test (168)

Are you a successful business owner who enjoys impacting others? Do you have a flair for putting together an incredible marketing project and want to share your knowledge with others? Then, the NYSTCE Business and Marketing exam just might help you reach those goals! The NYSTCE Business and Marketing exam is a certification test designed for individuals wishing to teach business and/or marketing in the state of New York.

All tested material will prepare the test taker to teach a business and/or marketing class at the secondary level. The NYSTCE Business and Marketing exam is a Computer-Based Test (CBT) with testing locations all over the state of New York and even nationwide. This exam is offered year-round, Monday – Saturday, and registration is required.

The testing fee is $134 and must be paid when registering.

The time allotted for the NYSTCE Business and Marketing exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes, with 15 minutes devoted to viewing a tutorial on how to take CBT and a nondisclosure agreement.

The exam is comprised of 90 selected-response questions (multiple choice, matching and/or true-false questions) and 1 constructed-response question (short answer, fill in the blank, and/or essay.) A score of 520 is considered passing and dates are given for the releasing of scores in conjunction with the test-taker’s specific testing date.

Do you need help preparing for the NYSTCE Business and Marketing Test? We have what you need! Several types of study aids are available for this exam, including tutorials on CBT, explanation documents about the framework and content of the test, samples of both selected-response and constructed-response questions and a practice test.

You will also receive a document explaining your scores on the exam. Could teaching others what has made you successful in business be your next step? Then, register today to take the NYSTCE Business and Marketing Test!

Be sure to read over all of the policy and procedures concerning CBT and specifically, the NYSTCE Business and Marketing Test. Failure to abide by all rules regarding this exam could result in your scores being disqualified. Take the NYSTCE Business and Marketing Test and change a life!