GACE Economics Practice Test (038, 039, & 538)

Economics is one of the most commonly taught subjects across United States high schools. It is also fairly complicated, what with its numerous theories and theorists students must get to know. Because of this, students need capable educators to guide them through the subject as thoroughly as possible.

As an economics educator in training, this will soon be your role to fulfill. Before you can start getting hands-on in the classroom, however, you must first prove you have all the right capabilities. In Georgia, the GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) exam is issued to all incoming teachers to assess how prepared they are to teach professionally within their specific field. Economics teachers will have to take and pass the GACE Economics exam.

The GACE Economics test splits into two subtests: Tests I and II. For each subtest, you will have to answer 80 multiple choice (“selected-response”) questions within a two hour time allotment. Each of these tests also features their own subjects, also known as “subareas.”

Test I deals with:

  • Microeconomics (80 percent)
  • Fundamental Economic Concepts (20 percent)

Test II focuses on:

  • Personal Finance (16 percent)
  • International Economics (20 percent)
  • Macroeconomics (64 percent)

You cannot earn your certification without taking and passing both of these subtests.

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