ILTS Science: Chemistry Practice Test (106)

There’s no denying that chemistry is one of the more complex scientific disciplines out there. It is one of the first subjects students will be introduced under the science umbrella and, on top of it, incorporates a heavy amount of math. The latter fact can easily make chemistry an intimidating subject for students. The ideal chemistry teacher will be able to assuage feelings of uneasiness, and present the subject in an easily digestible and engaging way so as to help their students grasp the material as easily and thoroughly as possible.

As a prospective chemistry teacher in the state of Illinois, the above description is likely what you’re aspiring to be.

Furthermore, you’re probably also coming to the end of the years of training you’ve endured to make this vision a reality.

Before you can get hands-on in the classroom, however, you must first clear one last hurdle: earning a passing score on the ILTS Science: Chemistry exam.

Like other teacher certification exams, the ILTS (Illinois Licensure Testing System) serves as a means of evaluating how much you’ve learned while pursuing your teaching certification, as well as whether you’re truly ready to teach professionally.

Much like the other ILTS exams, the ILTS Science: Chemistry test is fairly complex in terms of content. It features a time allotment of three hours and 45 minutes, and is 125 questions long.

All questions featured on this test will be multiple choice. The Chemistry test covers six subjects total:

  • Stoichiometry and Chemical Reactions
  • Science and Technology
  • Matter, Structure, and Practical Knowledge
  • Life Science
  • Earth Systems and the Universe
  • Physical Science

If you’re looking for resources to help you study for this exam, you’re in luck! On this page, you’ll gain access to our ILTS Science: Chemistry practice test. This practice test is designed with accuracy in mind, and will allow you to gain a firsthand glimpse of the actual test’s structure.

Feel free to use this study tool to familiarize yourself with the exam and adjust how to approach your studies based on how well you do. Good luck!