ILTS Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching Practice Test (154)

Speech is naturally just one of many skills we utilize on a daily basis. Whether our use of it involves delivering a message to a crowd, or simply asking a loved one about their day, speech is how we impart and gather information about the world around us. Unfortunately, speaking doesn’t come easily to everyone. This is where speech-language pathologists come into play.

As an aspiring speech-language pathologist, it will be your job to help those who struggle to speak clearly and coherently learn how to better communicate.

The demands of your job will unfold in any number of ways. Regardless of the specifics, you will have to have a certain skill set in order to help your clients as efficiently as possible.

The state of Illinois understands this, which is why you’re required to earn a passing score on the ILTS Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching exam before you can start working professionally.

Much like its sibling ILTS subject tests, the ILTS Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching test is quite complex in its material. Within a time span of three hours and 45 minutes, you will be expected to complete 125 questions.

Each question featured on this exam is multiple choice, and falls under one of three subjects, also known as “subareas.” These subareas are:

  • Maintaining Effective Communication, Collaboration, and Professionalism
  • Understanding the Assessment of Students with Communication Disorders
  • Foundations and Characteristics

In order to score well on this exam, you’ll need to incorporate only the most thorough tools into your study plan. The Mometrix Test Preparation team is here for you in this regard with our ILTS Speech-Language Pathologist: Nonteaching practice test. This practice test will provide you with an accurate example of the actual test, from its presentation to its contents. We have constructed our practice test through countless hours of careful observation, all to ensure it is of the highest caliber to help you succeed.

We hope our practice test will become an effective part of your study plan. Feel free to use it either standalone or alongside our companion study guide. Good luck!