ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency Practice Test

So you’ve decided to become a teacher… Congratulations on taking these first steps towards this challenging, but fulfilling career! Before you can get started with your training, however, you’ll have to clear one important hurdle.

ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency Practice Test

In the state of Illinois, no teacher can start or finish their training without first contending with the ILTS, or Illinois Licensure Testing System. The ILTS is a specialized exam, designed to assess how prepared prospective teachers are for their profession and field of choice.

In the case of newcomers to any teaching program in the state, it is required you earn a passing score on the ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency exam.

This exam will specifically evaluate your capabilities with basic subjects and gauge whether or not you are ready to enter a teacher’s certification program.

The ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency test is composed almost entirely of multiple choice (or “selected-response”) questions. It also splits into a quartet of timed sections: Writing, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and Language Arts.

The Writing test is the shortest in terms of format and the only one to not contain any multiple choice questions. Instead, you will only have to answer one “constructed-response” (essay) question.

The Reading Comprehension test is 60 questions long.

Mathematics consists of 50 questions. Language Arts also features 60 questions, and primarily focuses on writing conventions.

You are required to take all four of these sections to pass the full test, and will receive two and a half hours to complete each section, provided that you choose to take them separately. If, on the other hand, you take them all together, the test should span a total of five hours.

The Mometrix Test Preparation team wants to see you succeed. That’s why we’ve put together our ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency practice test. This study tool is designed to help you learn what to expect from the full ILTS exam, so you receive few surprises come test day.

Each of our questions matches closely with what you’ll see on the actual exam. You can use our practice test to not only learn the ins and outs of the exam, but figure out where your weaknesses lie with the material so you can focus your studying accordingly.

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by Enoch Morrison | Last Updated: January 9, 2019