AEPA Series – Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments: The AEPA series is a group of exams created by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) that are designed to determine whether or not an individual has the knowledge necessary to be an entry-level educator in the Arizona public school system. These exams assess an individual’s general and specific teaching skills and are required in order to become a certified educator within the state of Arizona.

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The AEPA series includes a wide-range of exams related to specific educational topics as well as exams related to specific careers within the educational system. AEPA exams cover specific topics such as art, dance, computer science, chemistry, English as a second language, English language arts, health, history, journalism, mathematics, music, physical science, social studies, and other similar topics.

There are also specific exams within some of these topics intended for individuals interested in teaching certain grade levels. Certain AEPA exams also cover specific professional positions within the educational system such as exams for becoming a principal, reading specialist, school counselor, and superintendent.

Each AEPA exam usually consists of somewhere between 90 – 150 multiple-choice questions, but some tests also include essays, short open-ended responses, and other similar types of questions. The exam-taker will have five hours to complete each exam session and each exam has one or two sessions depending on the exam. Most exams are only one session. Each exam is scored on a scale of 100 – 300 with 240 set as the minimum score considered as passing for the exam.

To register for the exam, you must receive approval from an educator preparation program, have received an approved teaching certificate from an in-state or out-of-state authority, or have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in a field related to education for grades 8 – 12 from an approved program. In order to take the exam with a bachelor’s degree or higher, you must apply to receive a temporary teaching certificate from the SBEC.

If you meet one of these three requirements, you can register with ETS online, by phone, or by mail. The registration fee for any exam (except for the superintendent exam) is $82. The registration fee for the superintendent exam is $164. The exact AEPA exams that are required in order to become a certified educator within the Arizona school system varies depending on the specific type of position that you are interested in pursuing. There may also be other exams and fees that are required in addition to those associated with the AEPA exams in order to be certified in the particular position that you are pursuing.

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