CPIM Strategic Management Test Information

CPIM Strategic Management Exam – Certified in Production and Inventory Management “Strategic Management of Resources” Exam:

The CPIM Strategic Management of Resources Exam is the fifth and final exam of the exams created by the Association for Operations Management, also known as APICS, that are administered by Promissor and are required in order for an individual to receive a Certification in Production and Inventory Management.

This certification can be extremely useful as a resume-builder for individuals in the manufacturing and warehousing industries, but in order to receive the certification, the individual must pass all five CPIM exams.

This exam consists of 75 questions, 60 of which are scored and 15 that are not scored, related to concerns involving competitive markets, allocation of resources based on the strategic plan, implementation of operating processes in order to achieve the strategic plan, and change implementation strategies.

There are also questions related to decision-making strategies specifically regarding facilities, the supply chain, information technology, and organizational design.

The exam-taker has three hours to complete the exam and there are no official breaks scheduled during that period.

The exam is scored based on a scale of 265 to 330 with 300 as the minimum score necessary to pass the exam.

To register for the exam, you must contact APICS to get a customer number and register online or by phone with APICS or Promissor to schedule a testing date.

The registration fee for the exam is $110 for APICS members and $145.00 for nonmembers.

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